Oct 15, 2011

If I Had to Keep 4 | Guest: Me :)

First of all, THANKS for participating in the latest edition of When I say, you say. You guys rock!

Well, this post will be the last one of the successful Season I of If I Had to Keep 4. I'm going to take some time to look for more guests and make a great Season II.

So, what would I keep if my house got on fire and I could save just 4 of my favorite movie items?

(Click to enlarge)
1. Sometime ago I was exploring a flea market, and I saw the face of Audrey in some book. And it was War and peace! It's in Spanish and illustrated with stills from the movie. I really love it, but I have to admit that  I still haven't read it. I'm so sorry Mr. Tolstoy!

2. My magazines folder. I have a small collection of the old Chilean magazines. I love the covers and I love reading the articles, the old Hollywood gossips originally written by Sheilah Graham (yeah the same from Beloved Infidel) and the old pictures. I also found some Chinese movie brochures, which contains information about the films, like biographies of actors and directors, photos and credits. I guess. I don't speak Chinese.
3. My Sound of Music Vinyl Disc. Also found at a flea market, I wasn't sure about buying it since I don't have a turntable and it wasn't very cheap. But I couldn't resist it. In Latin America, the title chosen for this movie could be translated as The Rebel Novice. The information is in Spanish and I have never listened to it.
4. My Isabella Rossellini's autograph. It was awesome to meet her (story) and she is the only person connected with Classic Hollywood that I've actually met (for those living in Mars, she's not only a great actress but she's also the daughter of Ingrid Bergman).

So, that's it. My poor book collection, cigarette cards and It's a wonderful life board game would stay in the flames :(


  • Dorian shared marvelous items with us, including Adrien Brody's autograph (and the amazing story of how she met him) and her Vertigo press-kit-in-a-tube.
  • Tom Austin picked his favorite movies from his VHS collection and showed what a great company movies can be through difficult times.  Monty shared his cool movie collection, plus his books and comics...and his Lord of the Rings sword.
  • Kendra marveled us with her amazing items of Viv and Larry: signed pictures, an amazing scrapbook and a beautiful finding.
  • Hilary and Katie shared awesome objects: LIFE Magazines, Gone with the Wind Box Set and a beautiful framed edelweiss.
  • Becky (who picked the name for this series) shared with us her interesting RCA Videodisk collection, plus her VHSs and poster of Casablanca.
  • Sophie, the first guest, picked awesome signed pictures of Deborah Kerr and Greer Garson and her The King and I VHS.

Well, that's it, kiddies! Hope you enjoyed :) 

PS. REMEMBER that if you want to be part of Season II of this series, simply contact me at kfercovic[at]gmail[dot]com


  1. Gahh I'm drooling over your Isabella autograph! I adore her *__*

  2. Clara, I'm delighted that you decided to put your own wonderful collection on display for "If I Had To Keep 4"! I was wowed and charmed by your lovely collection of vintage movie magazines, Audrey Hepburn/WAR AND PEACE memorabilia, your SOUND OF MUSIC LP, and your Isabella Rossellini autograph (I'm almost as fond of the lovely and talented Isabella as I am of Adrien Brody! :-)). Seeing your collection was a real treat! Thanks for sharing your treasures and letting me and so many other fellow bloggers and friends enjoy them vicariously! Looking forward to the next season of "If I Had to Keep 4"!

  3. Very cool! I love the old magazines and the Isabella autograph! it's been so fun to see what everyone collects. Keep up the great work on this series!



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