Sep 9, 2011

If I Had to Keep 4 | Guest: Monty

Hi guys, this Friday we have a special guest: the first man that wanted to be part of this series, my friend Monty from the always entertaining All Good Things :) Right now he's organizing a movie tournament for Dawn at Singin' and Dancing Back in Time. How cool is that?

See the items from his movie collection he would keep, next:

1. Without a doubt, my movie collection. I'm including my VHS, which I started way back in the 80's to my blu-rays and DVDS that I am now collecting. I still watch VHS and still record with them movies showing on TCM. I would not know what to do if I didn't have my movies. Probably go crazy. The pic I took is just a small amount of my collection.
But it is a good pic to show as a starting point. I've got movie laying around everywhere. I stopped counting when I reached 600 and that was about 4 years ago. If I had to guess, I would say I am flirting around 1000.

2. My comic book collection. I started collecting them back in 1981 and still are today. They are from my childhood and I still enjoy reading them to this day. I have 5 long boxes which hold about 150 each and then more graphic novels and trades. So it's quite a bit. The pic I took is just my novels and trades and few comics that I haven't put in a box yet.

3. My movie books collection. I didn't realize I had so many until I started looking through them again for this post. Several books that are about the studios, stars, and movies era. I love them all and have re-read them countless times.

4. And Lord of the Rings collectible sword and three plates from the movie series. My wife got that for me as a Christmas gift. One of the best gifts I have ever received.

THANKS Monty, you have a great collection, loved your movie books!

If you want to pick 4 items from your classic movie collection and be part of this series, just send me an e-mail at kfercovic[at]gmail[dot]com

PS: Thanks a million to all the readers who left a message with their first movie-related thought in the last edition of the game When I say, you say. The word was book.

PS2: I'm sorry I haven't been around this week. The past days have been very sad for my country, I'll tell you more about that this weekend.

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