Oct 18, 2011

Confession (I hope you don't be shocked)

Well, people, I have a confession to make.


I don't know how to tell you this...


...here it goes...

I haven't...


...an old movie....


...last month, when I watched The Naked Edge for Sophie's Blogathon....

OK, I said it. But it's not my fault. Sometimes I just feel like watching modern stuff and there are two BBC series that have me hooked: Lark Rise to Candleford and Downton Abbey. If you haven't heard about them, well, I don't know in which planet are you living in.

LARK RISE TO CANDLEFORD: Laura, the girl, goes from a small village to work in a town.

What I like about the first one, is that they were able to make interesting episodes based on small, everyday stories set in a 19 century English town. It's very refreshing to see different people dealing with common problems (most of the time) and trying to help each other.

Some of the characters are really interesting and most of the actors are excellent (my favorite is Dorcas Lane, the postmistress and Laura's boss played by Julia Sawalha). The settings and costumes are great and you start getting fond of Lark Rise and Candleford.

I couldn't pick one favorite character.

And well, Downton Abbey is beyond awesome. It follows the everyday life of an aristocratic family and the people working for them starting with the news of the sink of the Titanic. The Crawleys have to look for an heir since they have three daughters and laws were stupid.  

Historical events and political changes will make the family and workers see things differently. Maggie Smith, Hugh Bonneville and Brendan Coyle are the only actors from the cast I knew before watching this series, but the rest is very, very good too. With many different and interesting characters, great scripts, beautiful costumes and settings, and marvelous music, this series has been a joy to watch.

So, that's it. Excuses presented :) Any thoughts?


  1. Haha, I thought it would be something really shocking! :D I've actually be watching a lot of period dramas lately, too, including the first season of Downton Abbey! You are the second blogger I've heard mention Lark Rise to Candleford so I think that I am definitely going to have to check that out. I've also recently watched The King's Speech (great!), Cranford(pretty good), and Wives and Daughters (meh). I have just not been that into old movies this month. I don't know what has happened to me! I think the last old movie I watched was in September.

  2. Hola Clara, Downton Abbey la han estado poniendo por aquí, pero sólo he visto algún capítulo suelto.
    La serie de este estilo que me enganchó fue Arriba y Abajo que era el mismo tema: las relaciones entre los señores de la casa y el servicio. Hace poco comenzaron a reponerla, supongo que a la sombra del éxito de Abbey, incluso hay una segunda parte de Arriba y Abajo, aunque sólo he visto un capítulo de esta última, el problema es que ni siquiera recuerdo en que canal fue :-(
    Claro que ahora soy más crítica en lo social y me parece horrible la forma en que el servicio se mataba por servir a "sus señores"
    Saludos y buena semana.

  3. I'm in the same boat, Clara. I haven't seen a classic film for two or three weeks. In that time I also became hooked on Downton Abbey (luckily for me, I get to see the new series as it airs! :D). I already loved Elizabeth McGovern (the actress who plays Cora) and I fell in love with her even more in the series. She's definitely my favourite character. Also, a fun fact here, the actress who plays Anna comes from a little village outside my home town. :D I've never seen Lark Rise to Candleford, but anything with Julie Sawalha in has got to be good! I think I'll have to check it out! If you like period dramas, I highly recommend "Bleak House". It's my favourite period drama and when it first aired 6 years ago, it got me completely hooked and introduced me to my favourite modern actress, Gillian Anderson.

  4. Patricia Nolan-HallOctober 18, 2011 at 10:58 AM

    Historical dramas count. You haven't lost your street cred.

  5. DOWNTON ABBEY!!! Bates and Maggie Smith are coolest. And don't worry about the movie front, It just goes like that sometimes. And Downton Abbey is an awesome time-consumer anyway :-)


  6. LOL. Well, Sophie says she's in the same boat, I don't know what's happening with us, maybe is because this year is coming to an end and we've seen an awful lot of old movies; we need a little change. Well, I know you're going to like "Lark Rise...", it's very good and light, especially the first season. I haven't seen any of the titles you mentioned, I think I should check "The King's speech" first. Thanks for your comment, Audrey!

  7. Hola, Lola! Ah, sí, he escuchado mucho de "Arriba y abajo", muy recomendada en varios foros. Yo creo que voy a verla en cuento pueda :) Si quieres ver "Downton Abbey", la encuentras acá online http://bit.ly/r4Ntmc actualizada, en excelente calidad y con subtítulos. Y sí, la vida aristocrática que se muestra es injusta con respecto a los trabajadores, pero bueno, al menos acá la relación patrón-empleador es bastante familiar y cercana. Hoy en día existen muchos trabajadores que son incluso más explotados y peor tratados que los sirvientes en esta mansión. Quizás eso es más triste :( Un saludo, y muchas gracias por visitarme!

  8. Haha, yeah, "Downton Abbey" is great, I can't wait to see the next episode next Sunday :) Oh, the good thing about Internet is that I can download the episodes right after they air overseas :) I didn't know Elizabeth McGovern, but yes, she's really great as Cora, especially when she argues with Isobel, LOL. Oh, that fact about the actress who plays Anna is really cool, I always forget that you guys actually live in the countries where series/movies are made :) So jealous! Oh, I downloaded some episodes of "Bleak House" a few months ago, but when I tried to see the first episode I found the story a bit difficult to follow and too dark. Should I give it another try? Thanks for your great comment, Sophie :)

  9. HAHA, great reply Patricia. I'm happy for my street cred (yay, I learned a new word). Thanks for stopping by my site :)

  10. Yeah, I agree with you, go Maggie Smith and Bates! Although his self-sacrifice is a bit too much sometimes, I want to slap him occasionally :) Yeah, I know, sometimes I just don't feel in the mood of watching old movies, so "Downton" has been a great company. Thanks for visiting, Bette and I hope we can continue discussing this series in the future!

  11. Another one you might enjoy, if you haven't seen it yet, is North & South (2004). It is one of my favorites!

  12. Haha, your title got me a little nervous there! ;) But agreeing with Patricia, it's a HISTORICAL drama so it counts... and besides, as long as you don't, you know, give up watching old movies for good or something scary like that... (I HOPE NOT!), we're fine... :D

    Anyway, I'm going to have to check out this show real soon because everyone seems to love it. (And besides, these historical drama things are just my cup of tea.)

  13. That's true - I used to watch the latest episodes of things online but then I decided I'd just wait instead, although the new episodes of House are testing my resolve at the moment! BH does have a dark and fairly complicated plot (what Dickens did best!) but I would definitely say try to get through the first instalment of the series because it really is worth it. I am completely biased when it comes to it though ;D Oh, and I echo Audrey's sentiments regarding The King's Speech :D

  14. I LOVE LARK RISE TO CANDLEFORD!! Really - I LOVE it! Hm.. have to re-watch it soon.. ;") Enjoy each and every thing you watch no matter if it is or is not older than you!

    Have a great day!

  15. Well, yeah, both series are really good, super engaging, hope you can check them sometime :) Thanks for your comment Rianna!!

  16. Yay! Yes, "Lark Rise..." is really entertaining and very well made :) Sometimes I wish I could travel in time and visit towns like those portrayed here...Thanks for your comment, glad to see you here!

  17. Thanks for your recommendation, Audrey! I can't wait to see those 4 episodes, I read over Imdb it was awesome!

  18. OK, today I watched the "Inside The Actors Studio" interview with Colin Firth (what an interesting man!), so that's the third recommendation of "The King's Speech" I've received lately. I'll try to see "Bleak House", I know if you liked it, I'll like it too!

  19. yes, me too.. I am an avid fan of BBC period dramas.. ;") seems like they are my perfect "watch" for the cold and dark months.. There are so many wonderful series..

  20. I ALSO thought the confession was going to be something far more shocking, lol. Love Downton and Lark Rise. And yes, you MUST (MUST!) watch North &South ASAP. :P
    All very enjoyable -and beautiful- period dramas. ;)

  21. Wow, nice to see you here, Tania! Well, yeah, my title was a little bit exaggerated :) Glad to know that people that love old movies are also watching these series, maybe they have the charm our beloved classics had. And, yes, I'm totally following your recommendations girls, and I'll watch "North & South" tonight!! Can't wait :) Thanks for stopping by, Tania, I hope to see you around in the future :)



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