Aug 19, 2011

If I Had to Keep 4 | Guest: Becky

Another special guest has joined the new series If I Had to Keep 4: Becky, the classy lady from the insightful and always interesting ClassicBecky's Brain Food.

Check the four film items she would keep, next:

Clara has kindly asked me to participate in her series about four favorite pieces of movie memorabilia in my possession. I took this to mean four movie treasures that I would be willing to run back into a burning house to get, or four things that would have to go with me to that proverbial desert island. I do not have any autographed pictures or posters, no valuable pieces like Dorothy''s ruby slippers or Captain Blood's sword. However, I do have four movie treasures that mean that much to me

No. 1 -- Years ago, my dear Mom gave me a Christmas present that thrilled me: A special edition VHS release of Citizen Kane, with a full-sized copy of the script and a bonus tape about the the making of the movie, all boxed in a beautiful leather-looking container as big as the Bible! Even when the day comes that the VHS tape deteriorates, and VHS players are no longer available, I will always keep this gift. 

No. 2 -- My thoughtful sister Lisa gave me a beautiful framed poster for my birthday, a favorite scene of a favorite movie: From Casablanca, a wonderful still of Rick and Ilse saying goodbye at the airport. I love it and have it hanging in a place of honor! 

No. 3 -- My collection of the very first technology, created in the 1980's, providing movies to play at home -- RCA Videodisks. They are the size of record albums, heavy as lead, and are the dinosaurs of movie collections. I no longer have a videodisk player, and they have not been manufactured for probably 20 years. The videodisks are large enough to have beautiful cover art, and I have many classics, including The Red Shoes, Moby Dick and The Adventures of Robin Hood. My sons tease me about keeping my tower of now-useless movies, but I can't bring myself to get rid of them. They were the beginning of my very own classic film collection. However, I'm afraid that this treasure is too heavy to carry out of a burning house. LOL!
No. 4 -- My enormous collection of VHS tapes of the best movies ever made: Since the time that American Movie Channel was worthwhile, and after blessed Turner Classic Movies came along, I have taped hundreds of films. Many of them are obscure, of no interest except to rabid classic film fans, and I know these will never be released on DVD. I have several special tapes that I painstakingly put together, three of which, as an example, contain favorite musical numbers, movie scenes and movie shorts. My collection fills several large containers, and what a treasure to me!

Thanks, Clara, for giving me the opportunity to share my treasures!

Thank you, Becky! It means a lot to me that you decided to share these special items with us :) Oh, maybe you could frame those RCA videodisks covers, judging by what you said, sounds like they would be awesome art pieces to hang in the wall :)

PS: If you want to be part of this series, just send me an e-mail to kfercovic [at] gmail [dot] com.


  1. I had a lot of fun participating in this, Clara -- thanks for inviting me! I really enjoy your blog. You do a beautiful job with it!

  2. What a fun series! I've never heard of videodisks before.

    Clara, I absolutely love your new blog header! That's also really cool how you now have the icons in the sidebar for the different categories in your blog. Love it!

  3. Great article, Clara!

    And, Rebecca, we grew up with VHS lining the walls of our family room filled with musicals and comedies. So that collection means a ton to me too!

  4. Clara, Becky, I really enjoyed this "If I Had to Keep 4" list! It's reminding me that my dear friend Donna gave me that terrific VHS boxed set of CITIZEN KANE years ago, and I've let way too much time pass since the last time I watched it. I also own several LaserDiscs, courtesy of a friend from our New York days, Matt, who happened to manage a LaserDisc store at the time. Ah, memories!

  5. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment Dorian! I'm glad you enjoyed Becky's entry :)

  6. Awww, Audrey, you always give me feedback about the little design changes in my site...From the bottom of my heart, thanks :) Oh, and I'm glad you're enjoying this series!

  7. Hehe. Yeah, I guess I just notice that kind of thing!



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