Jun 8, 2014

My year so far ... in movie GIFs

1. I've seen very few classic films...in fact, I've seen less than 15...
I'm very sorry Bette Davis :/

2. Now I'm more into reading stuff on my Kindle, like Life with mother superior, Nancy Drew's The secret of the old clock and Waiting for Godot...

Well, another book I read was The fault in our stars (stop judging me Bette Davis!) which I really enjoyed and I hope I can go and watch its movie version this week and cry like a baby...again.

3. I've kept practicing with my ukulele, I'm not a great player but I love trying to learn new songs...

...but my singing is really lame.

4. Other regular activity has been to remember with nostalgia my trip to Europe from last year...
It was amazing.

5. I've also worked and commuted a whole lot...
My latest discovery is that weekends are way too short...now you know.

6. I've also made a little financial investments and I've been checking their status everyday...which hasn't been positive...at all...
7. After watching this very inspirational video, I've started running on the weekends and enjoying it...
8. Finally, among the good classic movies I've seen are The secret war of Harry Frigg starring Paul Newman; The Devil and Miss Jones with Jean Arthur, Robert Cummings and the great Charles Coburn; and Walk don't run, Cary Grant's last film...

-- Yes, sir, I am, and I really enjoyed that comedy, you were so funny!

--Uhm, because you're great, one of my favorite actors ever :D

---See? That was a perfect happy dance :) Well, I'm very very sorry Cary, but I have to end this post. Could you please say goodbye to our readers?


Apr 11, 2014

Old movies told IN MY OWN WORDS

Sometime ago, when I watched tons of old movies and reviewed a lot of them (which is the purpose of this blog) I ran across some films that were...how can I say it? Uhm, different.

These different films had such peculiar elements in their scripts and acting that made me want to tell them...IN MY OWN WORDS. And that's how that series of posts started, a series that I had a blast writing and I hope make you smile a little bit :)

Pick a film and click to read my version:

Charles Boyer and Marlene Dietrich in The garden of Allah (1946)

Gregory Peck and Jennifer Jones in Duel in the sun (1946)

Patricia Neal and Gary Cooper in The fountainhead (1949)

Charlton Heston and Eleanor Parker in The naked jungle (1954)

Apr 8, 2014

When I say, you say #15: Miner

Come on in and play kids: here's the 15th edition of When I say, you say, the game in which I say a word and you write your first (1st) movie related thought: titles, actors, scenes, names, passages from biographies, etc...

Mine sketch

So, when I say MINER, you say...

Feb 11, 2014

What's your favorite Shirley Temple film?

Via pweet on Tumblr
Let's celebrate Shirley Temple's amazing contribution to cinema by sharing our favorite movies or moments from her filmography. 

I must confess I've seen a few:
  • Since you went away (review) were she played the daughter of a missing soldier. Same as above.
  • The little princess which is MY FAVORITE I think, I watched it as a kid and loved it but also all that drama kept me very tense. Here I learnt that adults can be awful with kids and if that lovely and curly Shirley had problems with them, you were practically screwed (that woman!!). You can watch it on Youtube right now...but keep Kleenex near!

So, what's your favorite movie or moment from Shirley? Do you think I need to see any in particular?

Feb 7, 2014

Classic actors' last lines on film (part one?)

The screenwriter didn't know that he or she was redacting what would end being the last lines spoken by a Classic Star in a motion picture. That's a powerful thought.
I collected some of my favorite actors' last moments, in which I consider to be the first of a series of posts (fingers crossed). I included only their last proper films, because some of them did unfindable TV series or TV movies at the end of their careers. 

Carole Lombard and Jack Benny in "To be or not to be" (1942)
Carole Lombard: To be or not to be (1942)
I like the fact that her last scene and line is playful and cheerful. She's a festive bully.
REPORTER: And you, Mr. Tura. You played the real hero in this amazing play.
JOSEF: I did my best and I was very ably assisted by my colleagues. Thank you, my friends, for everything you did. As little as it may have been.
REPORTER: I am sure England will want to show its gratitude. What do you desire most, Mr. Tura?
JOSEF: Well, l--
MARIA: He wants to play Hamlet.
JOSEF: After all, we are in the country of William Shakespeare--
MARIA: He wants to play Hamlet.

Clark Gable & Marilyn Monroe: The misfits (1961)
I like the fact Marilyn last completed film is intense and well-acted. She deserved it I guess. I like their lines, they're trascendental and powerful. 
GAY: Well, I'm finished with it. It's... It's like ropin' a dream now. Just gotta find another way to be alive, that's all. If there is one any more. Perce, cut that mare loose for me, will you?
PERCE: Sure.
GAY (to Roslyn): Drive you back, if you want.
PERCE: Um, I'm pleased to have met you, Roslyn.
ROSLYN: Don't get hurt any more, will you, Perce?
GAY: See you around, Guido.
GUIDO: Where'll you be? Polishin' windshields? Makin' change in a supermarket? Try the Laundromat! They need a fella there to load the machines! Gay!
ROSLYN: I'll leave tomorrow. OK?
GAY: I bless you, girl.
ROSLYN: Gay, if there could be one person in the world...a child who could be brave from the beginning...I was scared to when you asked me. But I'm not so much now. Are you?
GAY: No.
ROSLYN: How do you find your way back in the dark?
GAY: Just head for that big star straight on. The highway's under it. It'll take us right home.

THE NEXT DIALOG = SPOILER (you've been warned )

Gary Cooper and Deborah Kerr in "The Naked Edge"
Gary Cooper: The Naked Edge (1961)
This movie is very good and little known! I wrote about it in case you're interested. And I think that it's great that Gary's last film is a thriller, because it expanded his range of genres and allows you to see him in a very suffocating atmosphere, alongside Miss Kerr.
GEORGE: I was so sure it was Heath. I've condemned the wrong man.
MARTHA: So did I.

Vivien Leigh in "Ship of fools" (1965)
Vivien Leigh: Ship of fools (1965)
Ah, Vivien, intense and dramatic till the end.
MARY (to herself): Baby, you just haven't managed to grow up. Mrs. Treadwell of Murray Hill, Virginia. Now! You can paint your toenails green.You know how it ends, don't you? Alone. Sitting in a cafe with a paid escort.
(She cries. Tenny enters the room and kisses her)
MARY: Let me go. Let me go.
TENNY: Mrs. Treadwell. Excuse me. That greaser told me Cabin 14. Excuse me. Excuse me.
MARY: Get out! Get out! Get out!
TENNY: You know l'm sorry, l truly am sorry. l didn't know it l was just..
MARY: Pig!
(Mary starts hitting Tenny)
TENNY: Hey, what the hell?
MARY: Go on. Get out. Get out. Get out! Get out! Beast. Beast. Get out. Get out. No! No!

Bette Davis: Wicked stepmother (1989)
Uhm, I had never heard of this movie before. It seems that it's awful, but I like the novel line, very Bette-ish :) Seems that her voice can be heard after this scene, but it's her actual last physical appearance.
MIRANDA: I was reading a sexy novel.
JENNY: Hey Miranda, don't try any tricks. You can't hide it now. Inspection! I saw it. I saw it in here!
MIRANDA: You saw what?
JENNY: I looked at the window. Got you there!
MIRANDA: Jenny needs help. Boy, it's a terrible affliction.
JENNY: There was a cat in here, I can tell it: my upper lip it's still itching. I now what you did with it! You threw it out the window! Here kitty, kitty, kitty. Meow. I'm going to search every inch of this room.
(Door bell rings)
MIRANDA: Who do you suppose that is?
MAN: You woke up one of the neighbors.
MIRANDA: Priscilla.
MAN: Priscilla who?
MIRANDA: My daughter, Priscilla. She has come to visit.
MIRANDA: I wrote to her and asked her to come. You are going to love her.
(Magically disappears).
Audrey Hepburn and Richard Dreyfuss in Spielberg's "Always" (1989)
Audrey Hepburn: Always (1989)
Audrey played God in her last film. There is nothing else to add.
PETE: What do you want from me, Hap? If I'm really dead, how come I hurt so bad? What kind of deal is this? You said I was going back to be an inspiration. You never said I would feel what I'm feeling. You didn't tell me that I would...see Dorinda. What do you really want from me?
HAP: We gave you a chance to say: "I'm glad I lived. I'm glad I was alive. Now it's my turn to give you a hand. Let me give you what I had." But I also sent you back to settle with the one you love. I sent you back to say goodbye. Until you do that, she won't be free. And neither will you.
PETE: I'm not ready to say goodbye.
HAP: You're such a good man, Pete. We don't send back the other kind. But you still have to learn that to gain your freedom, you have to give it. So go find out.

Katharine Hepburn: Love affair (1994)
The grandma (Janou/Ginny) scene in these films is always soooo emotive. I like the fact that Katharine was the last granny and that it's a goodbye scene. 
GINNY: Five o'clock. You must go?
TERRY: Yes. May I?
GINNY: Thank you. Thank you. I wore this when I was married.
TERRY: Beautiful.
GINNY: Well, off you go. These petals are supposedly the hands of a Polynesian princess. It's been hanging around for 62 years and it's still holding together. I wish I could say the same for myself.
MIKE: We'll see you soon.

What was your favorite moment? 

Feb 6, 2014

Poll results: the film memorabilia package idea

Remember my super idea for the movie industry? Selling merchandising as a primary product instead of physical copies of the movies? Something like this:

Well, according to the poll results, it seems that you guys liked this proposal:

So there you are film industry, you're welcome!

Nov 14, 2013

When I say, you say #14: Forest

Welcome, welcome to a new edition of When I say, you say, the game in which I say a word and you share your first (1st) classic movie related thought. Film titles, movie scenes, characters, passages from actors' biographies, etc, etc...

Forest Ink Drawing

So, when I say FOREST, you say...

Aug 17, 2013

An idea for the movie industry (send me a check)

Here's the thing: I only buy a "physical" copy of a movie when I like it sooo much that I want the pretty cover of the DVD/Blu Ray/whatever format they invent/ decorating my room. I think the reasons for not buying or renting films are:

1. Once you bought it, you can't do much more with it, besides admiring the cover.
2. I can watch them online, which is easier to do. 
3. I can watch them online, which is cheaper to do.
4. I have a small room.
5. I can watch them online.

The big idea...
The movie industry (or any industry that wants to expand their product range) should sell merchandising as a primary product.

Imagine entering to a store where you can find all the pretty stuff of that movie you love. Next is a format (one of many they could make) I would love to buy, a usable movie folder with lots of goodies inside:

What other items would you like to be included in the package?

The advantages 

The pros of these products are:

1. The items have many uses, so you could buy more than one. It could be great for people who receive the same DVD on every birthday.

2. They respond to a need of the audience that a physical copy of a movie doesn't fully cover: the need of "feel closer" to the film they love by getting an item that represents it.

3. They expand the range of the audience because it's not attached to a particular technology. You could give a "Casablanca" package to your grandparents, instead of a DVD they don't know how to use.

4. And because of the same reason, they are less likely to become out-dated (sorry DVDs).

5. They could be made using eco-friendly materials.

6. They could have a reasonable price (?).

So, what do you think, yay or nay?

The poll is now closed. Interested in the results?


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