Aug 12, 2011

If I Had to Keep 4 | Guest: Sophie

New series, guys:  If I Had to Keep 4. Basically, they are those 4 pieces of memorabilia that are the most special to you, those you would run to save in a fire or an alien attack. Those items you would keep above everything else.

Our first guest is Sophie from the lovely and always entertaining movie blog Waitin' On a Sunny Day. See what she would keep, next:

(Click to enlarge)

1. The first item I would keep is my old VHS of The King and I. My Aunty gave it to me as a Christmas present when I was 5 or 6, just after I had discovered and fallen in love with the film. It's been played hundreds of times and the quality isn't that good any more but this film was my introduction to classic film and Deborah Kerr so I won't ever get rid of it! 

2. The second item I would keep is my signed Greer Garson letter. The signature on photo is a pre-print but the signature on the letter is genuine. In the letter Greer talks about filming Blossoms in the Dust, so it must be from around 1941, and you can really hear her voice when you read it... it's wonderful! I would want keep this because Greer is my absolute favourite actress next to Deborah and I feel so lucky to own something that she sent to a fellow fan, albeit 70 years ago, who probably loved and admired her just as much as I do! 
3. My third item to keep would have to be my framed photograph of Deborah. My brother gave it to me for Christmas 4 years ago (I think) and it's been on my wall ever since. I was so thrilled when I received it that I actually sat and hugged it for a while - don't laugh! ;D I would save this because, besides it being a gorgeous photo of Deborah, my brother gave it to me which makes it all the more special.

4. The last thing I would keep is, you guessed it, another Deborah item. It's a beautiful autographed photo that I was lucky enough to win on eBay last year. It wasn't going for as much as the autographs without specific dedications but that doesn't bother me really; I'm just glad to have it and I will always cherish it!

Thanks a gazillion Sophie for this wonderful guest post! I hope you guys enjoyed this entry as much as I did! If you want to be part of this series, just send me an e-mail to kfercovic [at] gmail [dot] com. Have a great weekend! I love exclamation marks!
PS: Forgot to thank Clarabela & Sophie for helping me to pick the name of the series; and Becky for coming up with the definitive one :)


  1. Sophie, those are definitely wonderful items I would NEVER give up. If my house were on fire, I would risk it to get to my favorites, I know that! Marvelous photo of Deborah Kerr that your brother gave you! And anything with Yul Brynner would be a treasure to me!

  2. Thanks for having me, Clara! :D It was such fun choosing the items and writing about them :)

  3. Deborah Kerr and Greer Garson are two great actresses. :) And this reminds me that I haven't seen the King and I for awhile.

    P.S. Sophie: You might want to check your blog feed. I tried subscribing by e-mail and it said that e-mail subscriptions hadn't been enabled. I know this is off-topic, but I couldn't think whereelse to post this.

  4. Thanks for letting me know! I think I've fixed the problem now :)

  5. Thanks for stopping by, Becky!

  6. You're welcome, Sophie! And thank YOU! You were an amazing first guest for this series :)

  7. These are amazing, great collection! Hooray for Deborah Kerr!

  8. I went back and was able to subscribe. Thanks. :)



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