Dec 30, 2011

All my film reviews of 2 lines or less

In 2011, I wrote 61 reviews, that's a movie every 5 days (and I only reviewed a few of all the films I saw). While making this post I noticed that most of the films I watched were good, mostly thanks to recommendations from fellow bloggers. 

I hope you enjoyed this ride with me and I hope this list helps you to find new awesome films...and some so bad that are hilarious :)

All the titles are linked to the original posts.

BAD (5/61)

You only live twice (1967): “LOL”
The princess and the pirate (1944) “Stuff the plot with lots of pirates jokes, Virginia Mayo singing, some unconnected scenes, a very stupid ending and you have something to sell.”´
Tea for two (1950) “There are some musicals that understand that the music and dance sequences should fit the action and seem natural. And some that don't.”
The Garden of Allah (1936): “Marlene Dietrich is dumped by her monk Technicolor".
Duel in the sun (1946) “Bad Gregory has a super idea: wanna go swimming? And she's like offended and rides her horse back home yelling "I WON'T, I WON'T" (but we get that someday SHE WILL, SHE WILL).”

SO-SO (16/61)

The sea hawk (1940) “The first part of this movie is very boring; then it takes off (...) but too late “
The Black Swan (1942) I couldn't forget that coward slap at the beginning so it was hard to root for Tyrone...and the movie.
The painted veil (1934) : “Herbert seemed to be distant (and boring) the whole movie”
The bigamist (1953): “A guy marries Joan and then Ida. The end.”
In the good old summertime (1949): “The shop around the corner and You've got mail are better in my opinion”
The Naked Jungle (1954): “Or how to make an entertaining... mess”
The long gray line (1955): “I just didn't get Tyrone's adoration for the institution”
Mr. Hobbs Takes a Vacation (1962): “It lacked charm.”
Our man in Havana (1959): “It had fun moments but its dark atmosphere didn't let me enjoy it completely"
The scarlett Empress (1934): “How can you stand this level of creepiness?”
What a way to go (1964) “Maybe the plot is pretty weak, maybe some of the parodies are not very elaborated, but it was a fun film with an all-star cast to watch once.”
The fountainhead (1949): “The movie is about a young architect that loves to design buildings his own modern way. Like if you say, 'hey Coop, I'd like to put a prettay entrance to my new house, maybe a Greek column or something' he'd kill you and throw the drafts to the mud.“
Sleep My Love (1948) “I expected more from this film, it was a bit messy.”
The Golden Arrow (1936) “Some parts seemed too forced to serve the script”
Doctor in the house (1954) “It was too bland, too circumstantial and not very surprising”
Week-end at the Waldorf (1945) “AVERAGE Ginger Rogers movie. It's a remake of Grand Hotel only with less brilliant performances, mood, dialogue, stories, etc.”

GOOD (40/61)

The parent trap (1961): “Entertaining and charming”
Torn Curtain (1966): “This movie should definitely be more appreciated”
Since you went away (1944): “I didn't find any flaw.”
Scarlett Street (1945): “The bad: Only that I wanted the bad guy to suffer more.”
Caged (1950): “I saw it twice. Eleanor Parker was surprisingly awesome in this film”
Son of Fury (1942): “Super fun (...) Tyrone and Gene are cute and effective together”
Cactus Flower (1969): “I laughed out loud many times...Ingrid Bergman steals the show”
Night and the city (1950): “Achieves a great dark, heavy atmosphere.”
That darn cat (1965) : “I enjoyed it, even when at some points it got very silly”
The moon-spinners (1964): “An entertaining teen mystery film”
Against all flags (1952): “Errol and Maureen look great together and they ooze energy and chemistry.”
Sitting pretty (1948): “I loved it (...) the new nanny is a strict man with mysterious hobbies"
This land is mine (1943): “There's tension, suspense, sacrifice, love for freedom and an unusual point of view of occupation. I really recommend it”
The flame and the arrow (1950): “Another reason to love Burt Lancaster”
Buona sera. Mrs Campbell (1968) “Gina is fun to watch and the script was perfect for her”
The great race (1965): “A very entertaining, well-acted film (...) you just have to enjoy the ride without asking questions”
Holiday Affair (1949): “There are terrific Mitchumovies in which Robert plays creepy characters that want to kill boys and nice Mitchumovies in which his characters are great with kids.“
Cry Wolf (1947) “Spooky! (...) a fun movie with interesting performances if you can forgive some plot holes.”
Beloved Infidel (1959) “Gregory Peck and Deborah Kerr are superb as Scott and Sheilah”
The Hunchback of Notre Dame (1939): “Charles (Laughton) is one of the reasons why this film is so memorable. What a terrific performer he was”
White Heat (1949) “Terrific movie (...) A very well told story, with a great ending.”
The Secret Life of Walter Mitty (1947) “A really fun comedy”
Ivy (1947) “a super engaging...I don't know, drama? thriller?”
The three lives of Thomasina (1964) “It was fun, kept you intrigued and the kids from Mary Poppins play the main characters here too.”
I wake up screaming (1941) “Makes you wonder, makes you change your opinion with every flashback and then root for the innocents”
My reputation (1946) “My favorite things from this movie are Eve Arden's awesomely well delivered jokes and Barbara Stanwyck's usual terrific acting skills”
This above all (1942) “I liked it because they [the main characters] enjoy their love and give a leap of faith, facing social prejudice (....)and their own fears.”
Way of a Gaucho (1952) “...And the last reason why I loved this film is that the characters almost almost almost got to Chile”
Dragonwyck (1946) “If you're in the mood for a "fantasy/mystery" film with very real/historical interpretations, this one is a good option. “
People will talk (1946) “The chemistry between the main stars is great and you really root for the couple”
Heaven Can wait (1943) “a memorable movie”
Romance in Manhattan (1935) “GREAT (and kind of unknown) Ginger Rogers movie (...)It was surprising to see Ginger in this kind of role”
Manpower (1941) “It shows things how they are: the characters try to change, to take the right decisions, but that's not always enough”
The Stalking Moon (1968 ) “He's like a ninja merged with a samurai mixed with Harry Potter using the invisibility cape: you just are able to follow his blood trail (...) And he's coming after Gregory and company.”
36 hours (1965) “1 hour and 15 minutes of entertainment”
The Naked Edge (1961) “The ending was thrilling and frightening. I think that's the main reason why I really liked this film.”
Paris when it sizzles (1964) “Everything about it was bad. Until it wasn't.”
I’ll be seeing you (1944) “There are so many moments from this movie that stay in your mind.”
Lady on a train (1945) “There are a lot of funny/thrilling scenes and lines and of course three songs beautifully sung by Deanna”

Happy New Year, see you on the other side kids!


  1. A great year of many memorable reviews, Clara. This list reminded me to add some of these to my "to-watch" list.

  2. So nice to have a Clara compilation up. I remember how much I enjoyed some of these reviews. Here's hoping to see as many great reviews from you in 2012!

  3. Clara - your blog is just wonderful and I look forward to more in 2012!

  4. Clara, I totally enjoyed your 2011 movie review lineup! I also realized how many of your wonderful reviews I haven't caught up with (been a busy year -- what else is new? :-)), so now I've added "Catch up with more of Clara's 2011" to my New Year's resolutions! :-) Happy New Year to you and yours from all of us here at Team Bartilucci H.Q.!

  5. Clara - Wishing you at least as many great movie-watching experiences in 2012 as you had in 2011. & I'm looking forward to your posts on them...Happy New Year!

  6. Feliz año nuevo, Clara! (y eso a pesar de que has metido Cuna de héroes en las de so-so; con El Manantial, a pesar de ser de Vidor, tengo una extraña relación... y Duelo al sol la tengo que volver a ver (hace demasiados años). Pero ya he visto que te gustaron las que hizo con Marion (a mí también; Show People me encanta) y la de Noche nupcial.
    Un saludo.

  7. @Audrey Thank you Audrey, Happy New Year, I hope you can find something good to watch in this list :)

  8. @Rachel Awww, thanks Rachel! I'm glad you enjoyed some of these reviews, and thank you so much for your support! Happy New Year!

  9. @FlickChick THANK YOU!! With comments like this I just can't stop writing :) Happy New Year!

  10. @DorianTB Thank you so much :) I hope that something good comes out from that resolution :) Happy New Year yo you & your family too, thanks for being such a supportive reader/fellow blogger.

  11. @The Lady Eve Thank you very much! I really want to watch more awesome films this year! Happy New Year, thanks for stopping by :)

  12. @David Jajaja, David, Feliz Año para ti tb, aunque NO pongas "Cuna de Héroes" entre las so-so (el personaje de Tyrone quedó muy unidimensional, y ese maquillaje del final es terrible)...y bueno, a don Vidor le tengo mucho respeto, sólo esa de "The Fountainhead" la encontré rarísima...Bueno, saludos de este lado del mundo, muchas gracias por visitarme!



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