Feb 11, 2014

What's your favorite Shirley Temple film?

Via pweet on Tumblr
Let's celebrate Shirley Temple's amazing contribution to cinema by sharing our favorite movies or moments from her filmography. 

I must confess I've seen a few:
  • Since you went away (review) were she played the daughter of a missing soldier. Same as above.
  • The little princess which is MY FAVORITE I think, I watched it as a kid and loved it but also all that drama kept me very tense. Here I learnt that adults can be awful with kids and if that lovely and curly Shirley had problems with them, you were practically screwed (that woman!!). You can watch it on Youtube right now...but keep Kleenex near!

So, what's your favorite movie or moment from Shirley? Do you think I need to see any in particular?


  1. "The Little Princess" is a long-time favourite for me as well.

    I'd like to recommend a few titles I think you will enjoy.

    "Little Miss Marker" stars 5-year-old Shirley in a very touching Damon Runyon story.

    "Heidi" is a practically perfect Shirley Temple movie from the classic book. If you think you hated Mary Nash as Miss Minchin in "The Little Princess", wait until you see her in this one!

    "Wee Willie Winkie" and "Fort Apache" both directed by John Ford. In the first film Shirley is the nine year old "pet" of a British army outpost in India. In the second, Shirley is a young lady of 20, playing Henry Fonda's daughter, the "pet" of a far west cavalry post.

    Other favourites are "Captain January" and "Curly Top" and anytime Shirley danced with Bill Robinson.

    I hope you have fun exploring some of Shirley Temple's other movies.

  2. Hi there Caftan Woman, THANK YOU so much for your recommendations, I'll try to check them all out! Now that I think of it, I remember some scenes from "Heidi" maybe I watched it some years ago :) Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Clara, Shirley Temple is always endearing, as well as plucking my heartstrings (especially in A LITTLE PRINCESS), but I really got a kick out of THE BACHELOR AND THE BOBBY -SOXER. The "man with the power" bit especially cracks me up! :-)

  4. "I'll Be Seeing You" is my favorite Shirley Temple film. (Also, it's my favorite Ginger Rogers film and my favorite Joseph Cotten film. In fact, it's one of my top-10 faves of the entire 1940's.)

    A few others on your list are also huge favorites---Now and Forever, The Little Princess, and The Bachelor and the Bobby-Soxer. I also really like "Rebecca of Sunnybrook," which also stars Randolph Scott. It's fun seeing him relating to Shirley in that kind of role. I also really like "That Hagan Girl," which has the teenage Shirley starring with Ronald Reagan. I also have fond memories of "Baby Take a Bow" and "Stowaway."

    Shirley was a sweetheart---a one of a kind. She will be missed.

  5. Captain January haha This was probably one of the first movies that made me realize what a talented dancer Shirley Temple was. For me this movie was worth watching if for no other reason than to see the wonderful song and dance routine with Shirley and her co-star Buddy Ebsen, set to the song “At the Codfish Ball”.



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