Feb 21, 2011

For the Love of Film (Noir): 30 reasons why you should donate

Dear readers: if some of you are living in Neptune and haven't heard about the great crusade organized by The Siren from Self-Styled Siren and Marylin Ferdinand from Ferdy on Films to raise money and RESTORE AN OLD FILM, well, you're gonna hear about it now.

These girls are behind a super massive Film Noir blogathon (really, there are like 100 participants!) that ends today and needs your financial support to ACTUALLY RESTORE a Lloyd Bridges movie,  The Sound of Fury aka Try and Get Me (1950), through the Film Noir Foundation. How cool is that???

Click this Maltese Falcon banner and donate whatever you can donate.

Still not convinced? Well, here are 30 reasons why you should click and enter an amount:

1. Because you can tell your family and friends that this movie looks better because of you.
2. Because you'll be one of the good guys helping the protagonist in a Film Noir.
3. Because Humphrey Bogart would approve and drink a glass with you (not sure but sounds cool).
4. Because you can tell your family and friends Lloyd Bridges looks better because of you.
5. Because it doesn't matter how much you donate, anything is helpful (but if you are a millionaire, please donate a lot).
6. Because there are wonderful people that wrote marvelous posts about Film Noir (here and here), giving you material to read for a whole year or more...for free!
7. Because Barbara Stanwyck would approve and invite you to her ranch to exchange witty lines (not sure about that either).
8. Because Film Noir is a super interesting and cool genre.
9. Because this is a good cause and you hardly would find a most direct way to help to restore a film.
10. Because Dana Andrews would approve and sleep near your portrait.
12. Because I talked with your money and it said that it wanted to be donated.
13. Because today is my birthday (no kidding) and it would be a great present if you could donate.
14. Because Veronica Lake would approve and teach you how to do her hair style.
15. Because you can win AWESOME prizes.

17. Because you know you want to.
18. Because you love films.
19. Because Robert Mitchum would approve and come out of the past and pat you on the back.
20. Because the film that you'll help to restore has been called "highly effective", "powerful stuff", "entertaining", "a stellar noir film", "a brilliant crime thriller", "remarkable film", "interesting" and people who saw it say that you never forget it.
21. Because otherwise you would make a Siren cry.
22. Because the donation is technically super easy to make.
23. Because it would be your good deed for today.
24. Because Lana Turner would approve and steal your man try to runaway with you with fatal results.
25. Because Lloyd Bridges as Steve McCroskey in Airplane! would say that "Looks like you picked the wrong week to quit donating".
26. Because if there were more generous people most Film Noir would have a happy ending.
27. Because it's the right thing to do. 
28. Because otherwise Jean Simmons would give you a lift
29. Because I'm going to recommend you a Film Noir that I saw last night and will blow your mind:

Night and the City (Jules Dassin, 1950)
Who's in it: Richard Widmark, Gene Tierney, Francis L. Sullivan.
What is it about: An ambitious guy has great ideas to earn big money but they are not very decent. 
The good: I loved this movie; Widmark is simply terrific as the ambitious and astute Harry Fabian, the amount of feelings he can transmit with his face is just unbelievable and even when his character is a crook he makes you root for him; the rest of the casting is really incredible too, especially  Stanislau Zbyszko as a retired wrestler fighter, the scene in which of his last fight against a younger guy is so powerful. The whole film makes you expect the worst and it achieves a great dark, heavy atmosphere. It also contains a superb chase scene, in which Widmark transmits pure exhaustion. There are parallel stories, like the wife of Fabian's boss trying to leave the man and start an independent life, that are also very well-developed. 
The bad: I felt that Gene Tierney's character was a bit plain and simple, but probably that was the idea. 
Should I see it?: What are you waiting for?

30. Because you can do it right now with one click:

Tell your readers, friends, family, neighbors, pets, milkman, etc. 



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