Jun 8, 2014

My year so far ... in movie GIFs

1. I've seen very few classic films...in fact, I've seen less than 15...
I'm very sorry Bette Davis :/

2. Now I'm more into reading stuff on my Kindle, like Life with mother superior, Nancy Drew's The secret of the old clock and Waiting for Godot...

Well, another book I read was The fault in our stars (stop judging me Bette Davis!) which I really enjoyed and I hope I can go and watch its movie version this week and cry like a baby...again.

3. I've kept practicing with my ukulele, I'm not a great player but I love trying to learn new songs...

...but my singing is really lame.

4. Other regular activity has been to remember with nostalgia my trip to Europe from last year...
It was amazing.

5. I've also worked and commuted a whole lot...
My latest discovery is that weekends are way too short...now you know.

6. I've also made a little financial investments and I've been checking their status everyday...which hasn't been positive...at all...
7. After watching this very inspirational video, I've started running on the weekends and enjoying it...
8. Finally, among the good classic movies I've seen are The secret war of Harry Frigg starring Paul Newman; The Devil and Miss Jones with Jean Arthur, Robert Cummings and the great Charles Coburn; and Walk don't run, Cary Grant's last film...

-- Yes, sir, I am, and I really enjoyed that comedy, you were so funny!

--Uhm, because you're great, one of my favorite actors ever :D

---See? That was a perfect happy dance :) Well, I'm very very sorry Cary, but I have to end this post. Could you please say goodbye to our readers?


Apr 11, 2014

Old movies told IN MY OWN WORDS

Sometime ago, when I watched tons of old movies and reviewed a lot of them (which is the purpose of this blog) I ran across some films that were...how can I say it? Uhm, different.

These different films had such peculiar elements in their scripts and acting that made me want to tell them...IN MY OWN WORDS. And that's how that series of posts started, a series that I had a blast writing and I hope make you smile a little bit :)

Pick a film and click to read my version:

Charles Boyer and Marlene Dietrich in The garden of Allah (1946)

Gregory Peck and Jennifer Jones in Duel in the sun (1946)

Patricia Neal and Gary Cooper in The fountainhead (1949)

Charlton Heston and Eleanor Parker in The naked jungle (1954)

Apr 8, 2014

When I say, you say #15: Miner

Come on in and play kids: here's the 15th edition of When I say, you say, the game in which I say a word and you write your first (1st) movie related thought: titles, actors, scenes, names, passages from biographies, etc...

Mine sketch

So, when I say MINER, you say...


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