Dec 23, 2010

"All I do is dream of you": pick your favorite version

I love this song! Sometime ago I noticed that it was used in many movies; I'm embedding four versions (well, three because Youtube disabled the embedding option of the one from Singin' in the rain). Which one is your favorite??

1934 - Gene Raymond | Sadie McKee

1935 - Chico Marx | A night at the opera

1952 - Debbie Reynolds and chorus | Singin' in the rain

 Watch in Youtube  (embedding disabled)

1953 - Debbie Reynolds & Bobby Van | The Affairs of Dobie Gillis

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  1. I think it is a tie between SADIE MCKEE and Gene Raymond’s version (he made Joan Crawford weep and that is good enough for me), and A NIGHT AT THE OPERA and Chico Marx’s version. Chico is a sentimental favorite, but I never knew that Gene Raymond was quite the crooner. Thank you for sharing this very creative comparison.

  2. I've always thought the Sadie McKee version was so sweet.

  3. I love this song in every version. In SINGIN IN THE RAIN are two versions which first made me curios: The same song can sound so different!
    I like the Chico Marx version very much, because everytime Chico and Harpo a doing music they have this expression in their faces which really touches me - like every one doing things he/she loves. That makes me very happy - in a calm and thankful way.

    Oh - and btw: I like you blog VERY much.

    Have a merry christmas!

  4. yo adoro la versión de Connee Boswell :)

  5. whistlingypsy: You're welcome, thanks for sharing your opinion :)

    KC: Yeah, he's so sweet! Thanks for stopping by!

    Frl. Irene Palfy: Thank you!! I really appreciate your comment :)

    Rena: de verdad no tenía idea quién era Connee, pero la busque en Youtube y canta súper :) Gracias por pasar!

  6. I've always thought the Sadie McKee version was so sweet.



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