May 10, 2010

Happy old songs

Which old songs cheer you up?
Today I was listening to my mp3, and I thought to make a series of post just with music charged with positive are the first three:

"Goody Goody" cover by Julie London.
Julie is one of my favorites singers, her voice is so cool and her singing style transmits freedom: it's like 'hey, whatever, life is nice, just relax'. And listen to the beginning of this version, isn't it great how she tries once and then she just starts with the song?

I noticed that the song wasn't in Youtube, so I just had to upload it :)

"Let's Misbehave" cover by Trevor Ashley.
 Every time I listen to this song I forget everything else, its rhythm is so captivating and the lyrics so liberating (There's something wild about you child, that's so contagious, let's be outrageous, let's misbehave!!!). And if you add to this song clips from screwball comedies, you have a happiness bomb:

"The Charleston", original melody by James P. Johnson (1923)
Isn't it swell?  : ) I was dying on the exercycle, but then this song came and my legs started to go faster :)
Well, and you have Ginger dancing to it, what else do you want? I know, my next happy old songs post ^^

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  1. I love the Charleston. I try to dance it, but I can't do it haha

  2. a mí nunca me ha gustado Let's Misbehave, tengo una extraña relación amor odio con esa canción jaja pero las canciones viejitas son lo mejooor, las amo!



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