Nov 10, 2010

Xmas albums from two of my fave retro bands :)

Have you ever heard about Pink Martini? Or The Puppini Sisters?
Let me tell you something, they are infinitely awesome. And if you love old music like I do you are gonna love them.

Pink Martini are a classy band from Oregon that make their own version of songs from all over the world in a way that transports you to those elegant dance halls you see in old movies. Their sound is just mind blowing and some of my fave songs from them are:

"Amado mío" --

"Ninna Nana" --

"Una Notte a Napoli" --

AND MY FAVORITE..."No hay problema" --

Well, their new Xmas album is called Joy to the world  and you can preview it here. It includes "White Christmas", "Santa Baby", "La Vergine Degli Angeli", "Little Drummer Boy", a really lively "Auld Lang Syne" version and the marvelous "Shchedryk".

The Puppini Sisters are three girls, one Italian and two English, that sing in close harmony vocal style. You know, like The Andrews Sisters, The King Sisters, etc. Their covers from old and new songs are super fun, like:

"Mr. Sandman" --

"Tu Vuo'Fa L'Americano" --

...and "Crazy in love" (Beyoncé) --

Their Xmas album, Christmas with The Puppini Sisters includes "Santa Baby", "Let it Snow", "Winter Wonderland" and "O Holy Night". You can preview it in their official site.

Hope you like them  ^^



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