May 28, 2011

My old movie chat with my grandparents

I live in a very small city here in Chile, that's near our capital, Santiago. Visiting Santiago it's like a normal 1-hour trip for us; I study there, etc. 

That's the case you were wondering :)

Yesterday my grandparents went to the doctor for a checkup, so I asked them to bring me in their car. We talked about different things until I realized I hadn't told them about my blog nor my love for old movies, so when we had like 20 minutes to go, our old movie chat started. 

My grandpa was driving, my grandma was in the passenger's seat and I was in the back seat. I had to raise my voice, because my grandma doesn't hear perfectly....

Me: Hey, grandparents, did you know that about a year ago I started watching an awful lot of old movies and I have my own site where I write about them??? 
Grandparents: Nooo... 
Me: Well, yeah. I have a blast watching them. They're so good!! ...I see a movie and then I write a bit about English! And people from all over the world visit my site and leave comments... 
Grandpa: Oh, how interesting! And do you know how many people read what you write? 
Me: Well, yes, there's a tool you can install, and *** people visit my blog everyday. 
Grandpa: Wow! 
Me: And the best thing is that I really enjoy old films. You know, from the 30s and 40s and 50s.  Like movies from Audrey Hepburn and Cary Grant...and Olivia de Havilland...And I've also read biographies from these the one written by Ginger Rogers: very funny! And recently I read one about Marlene Dietrich.
Grandma: Oh, yes, she was really beautiful! (Thinks a bit trying to remember more stars)...Ava Gardner! 
Me: Oh, she's awesome. So beautiful and such a great actress... 
Grandma: And...Clark Gable, so handsome.... 
Me: I know! I read somewhere that Vivien Leigh and him visited Chile and people went crazy! 
Grandma: Yes, that's right...and Bette Davis! 
Me: Terrific! Did you know that Joan Crawford and Bette hated each other? Like all their lives and when the finally got to work together Bette used to drink Cokes just to annoy know, she was like the president of Pepsi or something... 
Grandma: LOL. I had no idea....AND Robert Taylor! 
Me: Yeah, I know him. He's great but I prefer Gary Cooper. 
Grandma: And the other actor...the one from the famous westerns.... 
Me: John Wayne! 
Grandma: Yes, John Wayne. And the other girl, that suffered so much... 
Me: Marilyn Monroe? I know! I mean she's so famous because she was labeled as "sex bomb" and all that jazz but she really was a great actress...and she was so interested in learning about art and philosophy... 
Grandparents nod. 
Grandpa: Did you know that when I was a kid I could buy one ticket and sit there all afternoon watching movies? 
Me: I've heard about that. You could stay as much as you wanted! So cool! 
Grandpa: And there were people in charge of going around with the movies because cinemas didn't have a lot of copies. 
Me: I saw that in a movie from Hitchcock. And I remember because the boy was carrying the movie a can... 
Grandpa: That's right, they used cans... 
Me:...yeah...and well, the boy was important in the movie because he was really carrying a bomb! 
Grandparents gasp. 
Me:... and Hitchcock made him explode.... 
Grandparents say 'oooh'. Then... 
Grandma: I really, really liked Anthony of my favorite movies was Zorba The Greek... 
Me: I've seen it! But, grandma, it's so dramatic...I mean that poor woman being beaten by a crowd... 
Grandma: I liked that movie. Also, the one from Akira Kurosawa... 
Me: Ikiru?  
Grandpa: Ikiru! Marvelous film... 
Grandma: No, not that one...Dreams
Grandpa and I smile. It's a great film. 
Me: And I remember you really loved Rebecca with Joan Fontaine.... 
Grandma: Oh, yes, Rebecca
Me: Did you know that Joan Fontaine and Olivia de Havilland are sisters? And they hate each other. And both are alive, but haven't forgive whatever they had to forgive... 
Grandma: Is Olivia really alive? She's way older than me!
Me: Yeah, she's like the only surviving actress from Gone With the Wind!

We talked a bit more. Then, we arrived home, I said goodbye and waved to them. 

My dad says I'll never forget this trip.


  1. Patricia Nolan-HallMay 28, 2011 at 11:42 PM

    Your dad is so right. You will have that memory forever. The greatest kick I get out of classic movies is the bond I have with loved ones over the movies we love and hate.

    You can probably add your grandparents to your list of blog visitors now.

  2. Thanks for your lovely comment, Patricia! Yes, you're right I love to talk about old movies with the people I care (and appreciate classic films) too!. My grandparents appreciate technology and find it really helpful, but they don't get computers or Internet, so there's no chance they visit my blog :) Thank YOU for visiting :)

  3. Oh, Clara, thank you for sharing such a special moment. Some of the happiest times I remember with my mother is just talking about films and actors and Hollywood gossip! Movies are more than just entertainment - they bring us together in so many special ways. Aren't you glad you took that car ride?

  4. I had a huge smile on my face whilst reading this :D I love talking about classic films with my Grandparents too; it's so lovely to be able to share my love of the films with them! Thank you so much for sharing this lovely story :)

  5. Clara, I loved reading this! It reminded me of discussing movies with my own grandmother, who passed on a few years ago (she loved Clark Gable and George Raft). Your conversation also underscores how universal movies and their stars are, loved the world over. :) Thank you for sharing this.

    Best wishes,

  6. A mi me pasó con mi suegra. Coincidimos en una película expléndida: Gaslight

  7. You're welcome ;) Yeah, it was a memorable car ride & you're right, talking about movies with other people is delightful, especially with older people :) Thanks for stopping by!

  8. Aww, thanks Sophie, I'm glad you enjoyed it!!Cool you talk with your grandparents about old movies too! Nice to 'see' you around :)

  9. You're welcome, Laura! Thank YOU for reading, I'm glad you enjoyed! I'm sorry about your granny, but at least you have wonderful memories from her. And yes, movies can be such an universal element!

  10. Jajaja, qué bueno que te lleves bien con tu suegra!! Y además puedan conversar de cine clásico :) Gaslight, excelente película, mucho suspenso y muy buen elenco ;) Gracias por visitarme!

  11. This is a wonderful post Clara!
    My Grandparents are all long dead but I do have fond memories of watching old Westerns like Red River with my Grandmother when I was a child.
    My Mother is now the one who I share movie memories with, she was named after the actress Vivien Leigh and we still watch films together whenever I visit her.
    Thanks for sharing this story with us.

  12. What a sweet story. I love hearing older people talk about how things were 'back then'. Old movies give us such a great connection to the generations before us. I'm glad you were able to share that with your grandparents. :)

  13. Thank you Paul, I'm glad you enjoyed my post!! Reading the comments I've noticed that cinema is a great link between generations, and it's sweet you have fond memories of your grandma. So cool your mom was named after Vivien!!! Thanks a million for visiting.

  14. Thanks, girl! I know, it's so cool, and makes you realize that we're closer to "back then" than we realize! All these movies we love were made not so long ago, I mean what are 80 years? Nothing, a life. Thanks for visiting :)



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