Apr 22, 2011

LAMMY awards: For your consideration

Guys, the Large Association of Movie Blogs (LAMB) soon will be giving a recognition to the best blogs that are part of it. Seems that you have to make a little campaign to convince people to vote for you, so here's my poster:

So, if you're a LAMB, please consider my site when you're choosing your nominees :) You can nominate 3 blogs for each award, save for Best Blog, where you may nominate up to 5 sites.

PS:Let me know if you're part of the LAMB, there are like 800 registered blogs, but I'd like to pick people I actually read/follow, and I'm too lazy to browse the list.


  1. Your FYC poster is so cute! I'm ashamed of ours in comparison; it's so plain. Good luck!

  2. Oh, thanks Brandie, good luck to you girls too! I didn't know you were part of the LAMB, now I have more candidates to choose :)

  3. Hi Clara: You'll be on my nominations list for sure and hope you'll check my site out, too. My poster is not so nice - I have to be a designer as well as a writer?

  4. Hi FlickChick! Of course I'll include your site! Oh, don't be harsh with yourself, your poster is not bad!



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