Mar 4, 2011

Red-Headed Woman: The Twitter Version (the end)

I'm a bit late, yesterday the Blogosphere celebrated Miss Harlow's centennial, but here's the second part of my entry for the Jean Harlow Blogathon organized by The Kitty Packard Pictorial (ends on Sunday).

 Hint: click the character's tweets containing TwitPic links ;)

If you missed the first part of Red-Headed Woman (1932), click here.

If you get to read this line, congrats and thanks for your interest. Hope you enjoyed :)


  1. Cute and very creative Clara.

  2. Thank u Page. I had seen this idea in a Chilean site but with modern movies, so I thought it could work with old ones too :) Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Absolutely brilliant. Must have taken ages.

  4. Thanks Matthew. It took me some hours :)

  5. Absolutely brilliant. Must have taken ages.

  6. Cute and very creative Clara.

  7. ...this is SICK!!! ('sick' meaning incredibly of the COOLEST things I've EVAH seen on a blog!!!) I think the fact that this is probably one of my fave Harlow movies (Harlow at her 'Harlowiest') makes it that much cooler... my favorite line in the whole film is when she is getting out of her car with the 'moose dog', and some of the local guys call her Red or something, and she says, 'Mrs. Legendre to YOU, you halfwit!" just her delivery of that line is priceless.

    OK - see, now, I would LUV to try this routine on a Gingerology movie review,, I don't know anything about Twitter, and also, I just couldn't do it, since this one is so awesome, I couldn't 'imitate' it... it HAD to be a nightmare to do these posts! Thanks for the great effort, Clara!



  8. @VKMfanHuey: Thank you very much, I'm so glad you find this post and enjoyed it! It took me some hours, mostly because I had to convert the film into less lines...but I used the subtitles file so it was easier than it seems :) Well, maybe we could work out something similar with a Ginger movie, to celebrate some special date...someday :) Thanks again, you're very kind!



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