May 4, 2012

Happy Birthday Audrey!!!

Yes, I know you all know, but I just wanted to say happy birthday to one of my favorite actresses ever, a splendid human being, Miss Audrey Hepburn. 

Audrey Hepburn decorating a cake for Stanley Donen
I think the best way I can pay a tribute to her is that you leave this entry knowing something you didn't know before about her life and career. So I'll try to introduce you to some of my posts about her:

In Audrey I wrote a personal post about how I became a classic film lover because of her and why I admire her so much; then I chose her as my favorite actress and talked about how perfect she is in The Nun's Story and Two for the road.

For some reason, I haven't written a post about her complete filmography, but I'm very proud of my defense of Paris when it sizzles, a movie even she disliked. I also wrote about the lovely things from "How to steal a million" I had forgotten.

Also about her films, but from a different angle, I participated in a Movie Haiku Contest with a poem about Breakfast at Tiffany's (I ended as runner-up...with another haiku) and also shared a clip from my "Wait Until Dark" failed stop motion project:

After DorianTb asked me about Pippin, Audrey's deer, I did a super investigation and shared it with you. I learned a lot.

Because I always loved her handwriting, I made a digital font and shared it. The response from the fans is still awesome (but, for some reason, it only works on PC).

Books? Not many, but I reviewed the lovely "Just Being Audrey" by Margaret Cardillo. I also shared my special edition of War and Peace, illustrated with stills from the movie.

Here's looking at you, kid.

Audrey Hepburn looking out a window


  1. I think my favorite Audrey movie is probably Two for the Road. Very powerful.

  2. @Dave Enkosky

    Agreed. Simply, a memorable film :) Thanks for your comment!

  3. It's difficult choose one, but I love The Children's Hour.
    Great post, bye Clara!

  4. This is a very great moment :) haPpy birthday

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