Jun 5, 2010

Day 04- Favorite Actress

Yesterday I arrived home very tired, plus the computer was being used by one of my brothers, so I decided to post Day 4 today. 

Well, favorite actress? Audrey Hepburn.
She's probably best known to most of people because her great taste and impact in fashion; but I think she was a terrific performer. She did everything: comedy, drama, suspense, thriller, western, epic and musical. If you don't count the movies she did for television —which aren't available to see completely— she appeared in 28 films. I've seen 24 of them, and probably soon I'm gonna finish watching her complete filmography (and I'll be making a series of mini-reviews). 
I've told you about my first impression when I saw her on Breakfast at Tifanny's and how that finished my conversion into a Classic Movie lover.  She is great in her most famous movie. But I think she's just perfect in The Nun's Story and Two for the road. Her acting was natural and effective. I really suffer when she shows despair or sadness, and she's capable to show the deepest emotions with minimal gestures. For example, in TNS, when the stupid nun asks her to fail the exam to prove she's humble; or the way you see she's trying to control her feelings toward the doctor; or in TFTR, the way she argues with her husband, in a realistic and coherent way, without overacting.  
If you see The Nun's Story for the first time, maybe you'll find the beginning a little bit slow, but please keep watching, I did, and now I love it. It's a great movie. 
Of course, this doesn't mean I don't adore her other films, because I do (in fact the name of the blog, Via Margutta, comes from "Roman Holiday", another of my faves).  

Well, that's all for today. Keep rocking.


  1. no es de mis favoritas porque es como que muy modernita para mí...pero sí era linda y tiene películas bonitas tmb =)


  2. I love that photo! I've never seen it before. What a lovely smile :-)



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