Nov 5, 2011

New FB poll: what's your favorite movie from Vivien Leigh....

...when Gone in the wind is not among the options? That's the question chosen to commemorate Vivien Leigh's birthday :)

Vote here, please: Via Margutta 51 Fan Page.

(If you don't have a Facebook account, you can leave a comment here in the blog)


  1. A Streetcar Named Desire! A great performance by our Vivie.

  2. Yeah, a terrific performance, Page. I picked "Waterloo Bridge" :) Thanks for your comment :)

  3. Thanks for stopping by yesterday and for sharing the great program you have for keeping track of all the movies you've watched.

    Other than Gone with the Wind, which is about my #7 movie of all time, Waterloo Bridge is my favorite Vivien Leigh film. It's definitely on my top 20 list. Such a beautiful, tragic story!!

  4. @Patti Hi Patti, sorry for the delay in my reply! Oh, you're welcome, that was an interesting topic to discuss, I think that software has really helped me out to write my posts. Maybe I should write a post about it :) Oh, I agree with you about "Waterloo Bridge", great movie! Thanks for stopping by!

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