Nov 19, 2011

I missed you guys!

According to the last advice of this list of tips for new bloggers this post has no sense...
Lastly, don't apologize for not posting more often. A blog is a fun hobby - but once you start feeling beholden to it, it stops being fun! Plus, your readers will likely not notice if you don't post for a week unless you write a post about how sorry you are for not posting!
Well, I don't care: it's been two weeks since I published my last entry and I've missed you guys and I've missed writing my stupid reviews and rambling posts about old stars.

What happened is that, just like Audrey says in Charade, I'm not a lady of leisure anymore. I've been finally hired, and I'm working as journalist for an university's website. Now I'm really applying a lot of things I've learned blogging, like html and how to redact for the web.

So today I wanted to take some time off to explain my current situation (done) and talk about few things that have happened the past days:
  • Natalie Wood's case re-opened: I really hope they can finally found out what happened. The way it all ended for her was so unfair!
  • Citizen's Kane Debate: I had to apologize with the girls at True Classics because I couldn't write the post I had promised. It was a surprise to found out that are more fellow bloggers that share my opinion about it (calling it the best movie ever made is quite drastic).
  • Happy Birthday Gene Tierney! What an unique presence she had on screen. If you want, you can check my entries about Gene.
  • Guest at All Good Things: My friend Monty has invited me to be his guest for you can check my answers to his questions about old movies and classic actors next month :)
  • Facebook: Sometimes I don't have time to write a full post so I share things I find interesting over the Fan Page of my blog. I really hope I can see you guys there too :)
So, that's it. I hope you're doing all well, and my respects to all the people that manage to work AND publish quality entries :)


  1. To paraphrase a line from RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK: Clara, my friend, I'm so pleased you're not dead! :-) We're delighted to have you back, and congratulations on your new job! Looking forward to catching up with your adventures. Oh, and if you're interested, here's a link to my blog about LAURA at TALES OF THE EASHILY DISTRACTED in honor of Gene Tierney's 91st birthday:
    Welcome back!

  2. Glad to see you back. Congrats on landing the job.

  3. We miss you too Clara!

  4. Clara,
    It's good to have you back but I certainly understand your absence. We all understand when life calls. I'm so darn happy for you! It sounds like such a great job and the University is lucky to have you on staff as a writer.

    Thanks for letting us know.
    Wishing you the best,

  5. Hi Clara! I've been offline for the same time, moving, selling a house, etc. It's great to have you back, and congratulations on such a great job! I always wanted to be a journalist. I'm so glad for you! And I agree -- blogging is an individual thing. Some people post a lot, some once a month, some a few times each month. I vary, lots some months, not so much others. Whatever posts you do, I'll follow them!

  6. @DorianTB THANK YOU, Dorian! And thanks for sharing your post about Gene, I'll read it tonight :)

  7. @Just ask Thank you, Page! Well, I'm not really writing new things for the university, I'm kind of adapting already created contents for its new, pioneer mobile version :)

  8. @Rebecca Barnes Awww, thanks for your support, Becky, you guys really rock :) Hope everything went OK with the new house :)



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