Sep 13, 2011

Happy Birthday Claudette Colbert: my fave scene, what's yours?

If this post sounds like a deja vu to you, is because I accidentally pressed enter while I was writing the title and Blogger, that is really sensitive these days, published it.

Anyway, today is Claudette's birthday, here are some pictures from the party:

I invite you to discuss your favorite scene(s) from her filmography. I couldn't decide, so I picked/uploaded a scene that wasn't in Youtube, from one of the films she did with Fred MacMurray, No time for love.

I didn't like the movie overall (mini review), but this is a very memorable moment. You see, Claudette is trying to avoid a fight between some workers. Her solution: organizing a musical chair game...see what happens:

What are your favorite scenes from her? You can describe them or post the link to Youtube :)

My posts about Claudette's filmograhy and more:


  1. I love so many scenes in so many movies starring Claudette Colbert. But I must say, some of my favorite scenes are from "The Palm Beach Story" (1942) on the train with the hunting club:

  2. While I love that famous hitchhiking scene, I think my favorite moment has to be Claudette in Midnight, trying to convince her rich friends that Don Ameche is a lunatic. Quote below.

    "When I married, I didn't realize that in the Czerny family there was a streak of... shall we say, eccentricity? And yet, I had warning. Why else should his grandfather have sent me, as an engagement present, one roller skate - covered with Thousand Island dressing?"

  3. Clara, I had no trouble figuring out my favorite Colbert scene. I always loved her in DeMille's Cleopatra, and my favorite scene is when she is seducing Mark Antony (Henry Wilcoxon) on her barge. She plays it as a playful companion, drinking with him pretending to be attracted to him (well, somewhat pretending). Then, when she finally has him drunk and bewitched by her charms, his head on her bosom, suddenly her face hardens, she looks business-like and cold, and uses her eyes to tell the slaves to draw the curtains for Part II of the seduction. What a scene,and what a performance!

  4. That scene in "It Happened One Night" in which they are hitchhiking and Clark is trying to flag down a car with no avail. But Claudette shows off her leg and instantly one of the cars stops for her; Clark's expression and hers and everything just made it so funny! Also, the scene in the same movie in which she and Clark are pretending to be an emotional couple having a fight always cracked me up.

  5. I love that scene, too! Midnight is such a funny movie!



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