May 7, 2010

"The egg and I" (1947) or think twice before getting a farm

The egg and I (Chester Erskine, 1947)
Who's in it: Claudette Colbert + Fred MacMurray
What is it about: Newlyweds Betty (Colbert) and Bob(MacMurray) buy an old farm and try to start their own production of eggs.
The good: the story was very entertaining; the leads are great in their roles; Claudette is so funny, there are some hilarious moments (and some very emotional too...even some scary ones); the whole movie flows and leave you with a light spirit :)
The bad: I found MacMurray's character kind of annoying, he really pissed me off at some points.
Should I see it? Yes, pure fun.


  1. aww me gustó mucho, la escena del principio cuando Claudette comienza a introducir en el tren :) y al final, aww está linda la peli, me entretuvo y me encanta Fred MacMurray (y obvio Claudette)

  2. Sí, la intro es muy original, qué bien está Claudette :) Oye, pero no te dio miedo la parte de la señora loca que la va a visitar cuando ella está sola y le cuenta lo de la gallina acechadora gigante, jajajaj, soy muy cobarde...



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