May 30, 2011

Fifteen Movie Questions Meme

The other day read this Meme answered by Meredith from Forever Classic and now I'm answering it too!

1. Movie you love with a passion.

I love a lot of movies with a passion! I mean, I've listed 54 movies I adore, from The Sound of Music to Blonde Venus & 8 Classic Movies I can watch over and over... so you can't make me pick just one!!

2. Movie you vow to never watch.

Uhm, movies from Stewart Granger, one of the few actors I can't stand. I wrote why here. Also horror movies like The Exorcist because then I can't sleep.

3. Movie that literally left you speechless.

Literally? I don't remember being speechless after watching a Classic Movie (modern movies usually leave me speechless, like utterly shocking Requiem for a dream or Chilean Fuga). Old masterpieces make me talk and talk.
Well, some old movies had such sad endings that I couldn't say a word because I had a lump in my throat like The Wedding Night with Gary Cooper (re-watched it yesterday, and, yup, I ended crying again) or Disney's animated The Small One (gosh, this movie, I dare you not to cry!)

4. Movie you always recommend.

To women and girls I always recommend Roman Holiday. To guys, maybe, To have and have not (it's like Casablanca, but with more action I say to them). Then it depends on the old movie knowledge of the people I'm talking to.

5. Actor/actress you always watch, no matter how crappy the movie.

Audrey Hepburn (you have to be a fan to bare Bloodline or one of the worst movie I've ever seen) & Cary Grant (my least favorite movie from him is Operation Petticoat, looked really outdated).

6. Actor/actress you don't get the appeal for.

Have I mentioned Stewart Granger? Yes? Well, him, definitively.

7. Actor/actress, living or dead, you'd love to meet.

Living actresses: Olivia De Havilland, Lauren Bacall , Joan Fontaine, Maureen O'Hara, Eleanor Parker, Joanne Woodward.

Living actors: Sean Connery and Elli Wallach.

Stars that left us: I'd like to meet everyone really (except for Stewart Granger, obviously). Audrey, Cary, Gary, Errol, Carole, Clark, Deborah, Ginger, Jean Arthur, Paul Newman, Myrna Loy ETC ETC ETC.

8. Sexiest actor/actress you've seen. (Picture required!)

Gary Cooper, hands down

If you liked that pic, you should definitively check this gallery of photos from him I put together. I called it "Mercy". Or check my list of The 10 most handsome men from classic movies .

9. Dream cast.

This is really a difficult question. Some movies have already a dream cast: Cary and Audrey worked together in Charade and nailed it. Richard Burton, Deborah Kerr and Ava Gardner worked together in The Night of the Iguana and nailed it too. And what about the cast of Grand Hotel?

If I think of stars that I would like to see together I would mention maybe Errol Flynn and Gary Cooper and Cary Grant (Alice in Wonderland doesn't count). In an adventure movie. That would be...dreamy :)

Oh, I've also listed Old Hollywood stars you wish had worked together like Deborah Kerr & Laurence Olivier.

10. Favorite actor pairing.

Sooo many: Cary & Audrey in Charade; Cary & Carole in In name Only; Cary & Rosalind in His girl Friday; Cary & Ingrid in Notorious; Bogie & BacallFred & Ginger; Errol Flynn & Maureen O'Hara in Against all flags; Greta Garbo & Robert Taylor in Camille; Paul Newman & Robert Redford in Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid... I could go on forever really.

11. Favorite movie setting.

Rome in Roman Holiday. Ireland in The Quiet Man. I also like films that take place in the country, like In Name Only or Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House.

12. Favorite decade for movies.

Couldn't tell: 30s, 40s, 50s.

13. Chick flick or action movie?

If I really have to choose one, I'd pick chick flick. But I love movies that mix both.

14. Hero, villain or anti-hero?

Villains drive me mad. Anti-heroes make me blue. Heroes are fun :)

15. Black and white or color?

So difficult! Can't choose, each one has marvelous qualities.


Hope you enjoyed!

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  1. Pon la foto de The small one debajo del 3, porque al principio había pensado que pertenecía al de pelis que no querías volver a ver. Noche nupcial la verdad es que un dramón buenísimo. No es de las que me deja sin palabras de King, pero casi.
    A mí Stewart Granger tampoco me hace mucha chispa, pero no sé... Ya pasaré a ver por qué.
    Un saludo.

  2. That's some list of actors you'd like to meet Clara, Paul Newman was my choice.
    You're right about To Have And Have Not as well I watched it again yesterday and I never get tired of it but 54 movies you adore, no wonder you couldn't choose just one!

  3. Sí, tienes razón, modifiqué el post y dejé todas las fotos debajo de las respuestas, gracias :) Y sí, a Noche Nupcial le falta algo para ser un súper clásico, pero me hace llorar igual. JAJAJA, Stewart Granger es un latoso la verdad, ese es el problema con él :) Gracias por visitarme David, saludos desde Chile!

  4. Paul Newman! Awesome choice! What an interesting man :) To tell you the truth I prefer to watch "To Have and Have Not" instead of "Casablanca". And yeah, I adore a lot of movies, maybe I should try to rank those 54 movies and see which are my 5 favorites. Thanks for visiting, Paul!

  5. Nice choices,
    I haven't seen The Exorcist either, I really can't handle scary films like that so I doubt I'll be watching it anytime soon...

    Nice blog by the way, I'll made sure to try and drop by more often!

  6. My Dad loves The Small One! I must have missed your post about 54 movies you adore, so I'm checking out that link right after I leave this comment ;D I know what you mean when you say that classic films don't leave you speechless but modern films do. I find that I'm more likely to be sitting there in shock after watching a modern film than when I've watched a classic film (Hitch's films not included ;D ). I'm not sure why exactly it is, but perhaps it's the fact that in modern films things are depicted more graphically than in most classic films and therefore have more of an ability to shock, whereas in classic films everything is much more subtle. I don't know. Anyway, I really loved reading your answers! :D

  7. Thank you Jack! Yeah, "The exorcist" is a movie I won't watch unless I want to punish myself :) Oh, I really hope to see you around, thanks for visiting!

  8. My dad loves The Small One too! He used to sing us the main song (in Spanish, obviously) when we were little and it was sooo sad! Yes, modern films usually use the formula "show, don't tell" which can be very shocking. I mean, have you seen the end of "Requiem for a dream"?? If you haven't, don't see that movie, is the most shocking thing ever!! Oh, thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed my answers!! Thanks for visiting, girl!

  9. All that Stewart Granger hate...I think I'm going to cry. *sniff*

    HAHA! Seriously, why am I laughing?! I cried BUCKETS through Small One too.

    I'm not the only person who thought Operation Petticoat was terrible. Cary Grant did end up in a few awful films at that point in his career.

    Gary Cooper WAS beautiful when he was young, wasn't he? I love watching The Plainsman & Beau Geste...even though he dies in both of them!


    Super fun read, Clara! I adore lists/memes/whatever we're supposed to call them.


  10. Pues coincido en casi todo contigo. Me ha encantado tu selección y tambien me he reido un poco.
    Saludos desde españa :-)

  11. My dad used to do that too! Well, he still does actually, lol. It's such a sweet little film. Yes, definitely! They can be so haunting when they're so graphic and shocking, but there equally many haunting classic films I suppose; maybe haunting in a different way though. Thanks for warning me about "Requiem For a Dream"! I haven't seen it but I was thinking of renting it from the library at some point - I'm don't think I will now as it sounds really disturbing. No problem! :)

  12. I'm sorry, Emm!! I can't help it, I really dislike Mr. Granger.

    "The Small One" should warn audiences, something like "The film you are about to watch will make you cry your eyes out"...

    And yes, I can't stand "Operation Petticoat", very lame film.

    Oh, and Gary...he was sooooo beautiful!! My favorite from him is...good idea...I'll make a list soon...

    Thanks I'm glad you enjoyed this post! *Sending you an Errol Flynn Hero* :)

  13. Gracias por visitarme, Abril! Qué bueno que te gustó mi post!



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