Apr 24, 2011

Haiku # 1: "A star is born"

A Classic Movie Haiku a day, from now to May 20, part of the Hollywood Haikus Competition.


"A star was born and
another faded; wish they
weren't you and me"

This is an entry for the Best For Film Hollywood Haikus blogging competition. Enter now.


  1. Charming STAR IS BORN haiku, Clara! Hope you and yours are having a Happy Easter and/or Spring Holiday of Your Choice! :-)

  2. The Hollywood Haiku contest sounds like fun; good luck to you! I can't think of a snappy haiku offhand, but years ago I whipped up this little limerick, for what it's worth... :-)

    In a film magazine readers’ poll,
    Folks suggested an Orson Welles role,
    ’Twas quite hard to say, but: “A pudding!” cried they,
    “For his belly’s as round as a bowl!”

  3. I like your haiku very much, Clara. Too bad there isn't a limerick contest -- Dorian would have a shot! I'd like to know more about the contest? Are you doing several haikus, or how does it work?

  4. DorianTB: Thank you, hope you had a great day too! Oh, first time ever I hear about limerick being something else than an Irish city :) But I googled it, and yours is great! Thanks for sharing!

    ClassicBecky: Thanks for visiting :) About the contest, it's organized here:


    And it's open to everyone. I decided to post one a day, to have more opportunities to win and because I liked the idea :)

  5. Oh my goodness--a haiku competition--are you serious? You are going to laugh when you see what I have pre-posted instead of links for the month of May. I've been planning it since January! This is a crazy coincidence. . .

  6. By the way--your haiku is lovely. You really get the spirit of the movie :-)

  7. Wow, it's Hollywood Haiku fever! On behalf of Team Bartilucci, I've come up with a haiku, too. It's posted on my TALES OF THE EASILY DISTRACTED blog post -- and here, too, for your convenience! :-)


    I'm still a big star
    It's the pictures that got small
    Face-down in the pool

    Good luck, everybody!

  8. Clara, Becky, thanks ever so much for your nice words about my Orson Welles limerick! :-) You gals are the best!

  9. KC: LOL, that's a great coincidence!! Looking forward to check yours! Oh, and thanks for your nice comment :)

    DorianTB: Great stuff, congrats!



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