Nov 15, 2010

Bette's Classic Survey

So 12-years-old Bette from Bette's Classic Movie Blog (she's a fan of Bette Davis but her real name is Bette)...and THAT's a lot of Bette in one sentence, I think I should review my Redaction and Editing notes and also return my degree...anyway, just look at this:

...that's what I was trying to tell you. She came up with a new survey, which I'm proceeding to answer:

1. Favourite Actor? Cary Grant.
2. Actress? Audrey Hepburn.
3. Judy Holliday: love her or hate her? Neither, I just have seen her in Born Yesterday and Adam's Rib and she was good.
4. Steve McQueen, Errol Flynn and Laurence Olivier. Who out of the names listed do you think would be most likely to don a sword and shield and confront a dragon? I don't picture Steve using a sword or fighting with a dragon; Laurence Olivier would talk and talk in a Shakespearian way until the dragon fall asleep (kidding) so obviously I pick Errol Flynn. That would be a nice confrontation to watch.
5. From dragon slaying to sheer madness (not that much of a leap), which crazy movie do you like best: Sunset Boulevard or Whatever Happened To Baby Jane? This one is difficult...uhm, dead monkeys or dead rats? I'd think I go for Sunset Boulevard, Norma Desmond was crazy in a cool way, but Bette...OMG, too painful to watch.
6. What do you think is the best movie book ever made? To be honest, I haven't read any movie book, just biographies and list books like "1001 movies you must see before you die".
7. Who do you think is the most attractive male movie star? Another difficult one! I can't decide between Errol Flynn, Gary Cooper, William Holden or Cary Grant.
8. Female movie star? Probably Audrey Hepburn.
9. If you had to be a maid/butler (?) to someone, who would it be? I don't know, who paid the most?

10. Who do you think Cary Grant worked best with? Oh, Cary work the best with everybody! From the Bennett sisters to Leslie Caron, from Jeanne Craine to Katharine Hepburn.
11. Do you like black and white movies more than colour movies? I don't a priori. I mean there are some b&w movies that I wish they had been filmed in color (early Fred and Ginger films for instance), but I do love black and white movies in general.
12. 1930s films or 1960s films? 1930s definitively.
13. Who would you rather be: a Margo Channing or an Ilsa Lund? Things seem to end better for Margo Channing, so Margo.
14. Is there ever a film you have seen that you thought would be funnier if meerkats played the leads? You mean meerkat as in the animal? Like Simba's buddy? Uhm...LOL, "A streetcar named desire" know, something like:

15. What is your favourite "Oh my goodness" phrase from a movie? "Frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn"...that was the phrase, I'm not telling you that I don't give a damn about the question :)
16. Favourite "Yee Haw" classic movie phrase? I'm so bad remembering quotes...but maybe "Life is a banquet and most poor suckers are starving to death!"...Yee Haw!
17. You and your family have to agree on a movie for a night in. What will it always be? Probably "Gone with the wind". Prissy always cracks us up: "Miss Scarlett, Miss Scarlett, I know all about babies...[2 seconds later] ♩♩♩♩♩♩.....Miss Scarlett, Miss Scarlett, I don't know anything about babies!!!" Or classic Disney movies.
18. Doris Day: Dramatic or Frothy? Frothy most of the time, but I like her performance in "The man who knew too much".
19. What male team did you think did a great job in a movie, but never made another one together? Cary Grant and James Stewart in "The Philadelphia Story".
20. You have been asked by your friend to chose your favourite movie title. What is it? "Friend, don't ask me that"...that would be my response, not the title of a movie...then I'd add, I just have too many favorite movies.
21. This is just out of curiosity... have you at some point experienced rivalry on a I-have-seen-that-and-you-haven't level? Uhm, I generally like when people tell me that they saw a great classic movie that I haven't seen, because I'm probably gonna like it and add another favorite to my list. But last week I experienced a rivalry like the mentioned in the question:  the exponent in my Movie Genres Workshop said something like "Well and I saw The Umbrellas of Cherbourg in 35 mm on the big screen". I love that movie and I'd love to see it that way!!

Roman Holiday (1953)

22. Most romantic film you have ever seen..."Roman Holiday" or "Camille".
23. What was the film that really got you into old films? Two actually: first Vertigo (read the story) and then "Breakfast at Tiffany's" (read the story).

Thanks Bette ^^
That's all folks! 


  1. Thanks for spotlighting young Bette's blog. I love it - and her survey. You and I agree about irresistible Cary favorite of his co-stars is Irene Dunne, but agree that he could've been paired with just about anyone

  2. Your're welcome TheLadyEve! Bette's survey was really fun to answer :) And, YEAH, Cary Grant rocks all the way! Thanks for stopping by ^^

  3. Your're welcome TheLadyEve! Bette's survey was really fun to answer :) And, YEAH, Cary Grant rocks all the way! Thanks for stopping by ^^



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