Jun 3, 2010

Day 03- Favorite Actor

Mr. Archivald Alexander Leach aka Cary Grant. I simply love everything he did on screen. I've seen 34 of his movies and I always enjoy his performances, even when he was a very young supporting actor. Love him in comedies, dramas and melodramas. Love him in black and white, and love him in Technicolor. Give me anything with Cary Grant in it, and I'll like it.

And to celebrate the this third post of the Old Hollywood Meme, here are some screencaps from the great documentary "Cary Grant, a Class Apart" (click to enlarge the pics, try to click with the right button and open in a new window for an easier navigation).

In case you're wondering, you can check my top 25 favorite actors.

PS: This is my day 3 at my internship/job too, so excuse me for the length of the text posts, I'm a little bit tired :) I'll appreciate advices to write posts in short time.

Previous days of this meme: 1| 2


  1. aaa es mi 3er favorito, lo amooo =)

  2. aaa es mi 3er favorito, lo amooo =)



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