Jan 24, 2012

Cool Old Music: The Puppini Sisters' "Hollywood"

Just a quick post to (hopefully) put a lasting smile on your face. 

Remember when I told you about The Puppini Sisters, that super awesome trio that sings in close harmony style (like The Andrews Sisters, The Lennon Sisters, etc etc)...

Well, in December they released an album called Hollywood and I just found out today. According to their own description,

HOLLYWOOD is a gloriously evocative record that pays homage to the music of the silver screen in the Puppini Sisters' inimitably stylish manner that has been dazzling audiences worldwide since the release of their debut album, 2006's Betcha Bottom Dollar. Their ability to renew and rejuvenate each song, effortlessly harmonizing vocal lines while staying true to the classic Tinseltown aesthetic, is evident throughout Hollywood, which was recorded in the old-fashioned way with the three ladies all standing round one microphone.
The album takes in a whole range of dynamics, from the tongue-twisting "Moi Je Joue" and the high-energy upswing of "I Got Rhythm" - written by the Gershwin brothers - to a delicately fragile take on "Moon River" and Frank Sinatra's memorable "September Song". On each song, the sweetly charming vocal harmonies of the Puppinis bring new life to songs that have existed in the public consciousness for over half a century.

So what do you know? One of my favorite retro bands singing cool old songs from movies. Awesome.

Here's the tracklist; you can preview it on Amazon.

1. Hollywood
2. Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friends
3. I Got Rhythm
4. Moi Je Joue
5. True Love
6. Good Morning
7. Get Happy
8. Moon River
9. I Feel Pretty
10. September Song
11. Parle Plus Bas

And here's the video for Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friends:


  1. That did put a smile on my face.

    I caught the Puppini Sisters on a Christmas Special starring Michael Buble in December. They did their take on Bing and the Andrews Sisters "Jingle Bells" recording. Good stuff.

  2. @Caftan Woman Oh, thanks for letting me know, I had no idea they had sung together...I just youtubed it and it was very cool indeed. Thanks for stopping by :)

  3. WOW! Me ha gustado MUCHÍSIMO.

  4. @lola Qué bueno, de verdad sus voces alegran el día :) Gracias por pasar Lola!



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