Oct 10, 2011

New clip of Hitchcock's first film "The white shadow"

Today, the Spanish newspaper El País is exclusively sharing a (very brief) clip of Alfred Hitchcock's first film, The white shadow. Even when the official director was Graham Cutts, it was practically made by Hitch when he was 24.

It was considered lost until this year: a collector had the cans of the film and it was developed and restored. But it wasn't complete: the cans just contained 43 minutes of the movie.

Shown last week for the first time at The Pordenone Silent Film Festival, and according to the surprisingly terrible redaction of the story by this prestigious newspaper, the movie is about two sisters who are identical twins, but one of them is good and the other, bad.

The bad one meets an American man in a ship and he falls in love with her. But she is so bad that sends her sister to meet the guy. Then, at some point, she also escapes from home, causing the death of her mother and the ruin of her dad. The good one goes after her, and finds her in London, working in a club and surrounded by men. 

That's when the movie is interrupted. But it seems that according to the script, the love story continues this way: the good sister falls in love with the man. But he still believes that this woman is the same he met in the ship. The good girl falls sick and before dying she asks the bad one to replace her. It seems that she gives her sister her "white shadow", a good spirit and redemption. Now the bad girl is kind and lives with her man happily ever after.

Or at least that's what I got from this article.

There's no embedding option for this clip, so watch it here.

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  1. It's hard to think of Hitch as EVER being 24 years old, isn't it? I can't watch it now, but I'll be back to pull up that clip. Sounds really good. It's amazing how many things are being found now in the hands of collectors, or just found in dusty old basements and attics! What a find this is!



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