Oct 4, 2011

2011 CiMBA nominations: THANK YOU :)

Yep, I can't help smiling like Shirley Temple. Thanks to all the CMBA members who nominated Via Margutta 51 in three categories:

Best Film Review (Drama): The Hunchback of Notre Dame
Best Classic Movie Blog Event: If I Had to Keep 4 
Best Classic Movie Blog Design

As you see, I also have to thank the people who participated in the If I Had to Keep 4 series, the lovely guests, the people who read the entries, the supportive commentators and the people who helped me with the name :)

Congrats to my fellow nominees, I'm proud to be among bloggers I admire. Visit the CMBA to check the other nominations. 

The winners will be announced on October 17th.


  1. Clara,
    Cute, cute! You deserve to smile. Congrats!

  2. Very well deserved, Clara! Congratulations! :)

  3. Congratulations, Clara! I think Shirley sums it up quite well.

  4. Excellent show. Take a bow. You deserve a few awards. Hang in there. The awards will be announced in a few days.

  5. Eee how exciting! Congratulations! <3

  6. Congratulations, Clara - you're blog and your work are wonderful and your nominations well deserved!

  7. Hi, Clara, congratulations! Love your blog and so happy you received three well-earned CiMBA nominations!

  8. Clara, we're thrilled for you and your three very deserving CiMBA nominations -- hearty congratulations to you, my friend! Also, we're delighted that your wonderful "If I Had to Keep 4" series was among the nominees; glad those of us who participated could help in our humble way! :-) Good luck, and again, congratulations!

  9. Congratulations, Clara. Hope this will give you a long lasting smile.. ;") - well or at least a giggle now and then..



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