Jun 29, 2011

Pretty relatives: Marlon & Tuki Brando (and Sean Flynn)

The other day I learned not only that Marlon Brando had 13 children, but that one of his grandchildren, Tuki, is a fashion model. So I have a new addition to the good genes post:

The story of Tuki's family is very, very sad and dramatic; and he wasn't included in Brando's will. He was raised in Tahiti and his name means "heartbeat". He seems to be a very down-to-earth person. 

In this interesting article Tuki remembers his grandfather:
"Acting is my grandfather and modelling is me," he says. "Even if I wanted to, it would be too hard for me. People would say, 'Ah, he's not as good as his grandfather'. I want to do something different.
"Three months ago I saw A Streetcar Named Desire. It was funny to see him on TV, looking so young. He was already old when I first met him."
His grandmother encouraged Tuki to visit the famous grandfather who hurt them all so badly.
"I saw him often,' he says of Brando. "He was really nice, but he was the boss of the house. When he wanted to see you, you would see him. But if you wanted to see him, he would decide.
"When you were in his house, you couldn't scream because he hated noise. He told me, 'Don't make a noise, don't speak too loud'. And he never went out anywhere. He just wanted calm and rest."
I also want to talk about another legend's descendant. In the previous good genes post, Becky mentioned another Errol's grandson, Sean (son of Rory Flynn). I had seen pictures of him and I though he didn't look like his ancestors.

Well, guess what, he grew up and has his own Youtube music channel:

I think he's talented and now he looks like Errol.

So, what do you know? Two succexy descendants for the price of one :)


  1. Clara, I was intrigued and entertained by your brief but interesting overview of the young Brando and Flynn offspring! On a related note, you got me interested in giving Errol Flynn's FOOTSTEPS IN THE DARK my undivided attention! :-)

  2. i want to marry him(tuki brando) so badly!!!



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