Jun 14, 2011

Good genes: Errol, Gregory & Grace.

I saw a great movie...twice this week, but I haven't written the review yet. In the meantime, I wanted to share these...I don't know, family trees of pretty people? I had published them early this year on Tumblr, but I know most of you didn't see them:
ETHAN GREGORY PECK. Original Post on Tumblr

ANDREA CASIRAGHIOriginal Post on Tumblr

SEAN & LUKE FLYNN. Original Post on Tumblr

Note: Luke Flynn is son of Arnella Flynn. 

Tell me, WHAT are you thinking?


  1. Holy hell! I'm not sure which grandson I want the most!

  2. Good genes feels like an understatement now that I've seen the photos. My goodness there are some very attractive people in this post.

  3. So sad what happened to Sean Flynn. He wasn't a great actor (I think Dad was actually quite good), but he has charisma and the looks.

  4. Strong pretty genes! The Flynn men are gorgeous indeed, father most of all all! Have you seen Errol's daughter Rory's son, Sean? He was on Zoey 101, Disney Channel. He was such a goofy looking young kid, and has grown to be just as handsome as the others!

  5. Clara,
    Those are some great looking young men. I knew Becky would be over here staring at the young Flynn! lol

    Cary Grant's daughter, Jennifer is a gorgeous one too.

  6. LOL, well, me neither! Thanks for stopping by :)

  7. LOL, well, maybe I should have say "unbelievably pretty" genes :) TX for the feedback!

  8. Yes, so, so sad! But at least he died doing what he loved, and like his dad, looking for adventure :(

  9. Yeah, I knew about little Sean, but like you said, he was very goofy looking, so I picked Luke instead. BUT after I read your comment I looked around, and you're right! He even has a Youtube channel with his own songs and he's pretty good actually:


    I love the way he plays the guitar :)
    Thanks for visiting Becky and for the interesting info ;)

  10. LOL :) Well, I guess the Flynns just attract looks, you can't help it. Oh, you're right about Jennifer! Thanks for the feedback, Page!



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