Jun 13, 2011

Lovely things from Tumblr: Week #2

After such a crazy/scary Friday night, a menu of Lovely things from Tumblr to start the week in a good mood. Enjoy: 

(For a better experience, open the items in a new window)

Animated Gifs:

2Hedy Lamarr and the fireflies (retrochic)
3Bogie & Bacall and their signs (stardustmelody)
4Dorothy and the flying house (devenir gris)
5That face! (via classicsfan)
6Movies from William Powell & Myrna Loy (bridiequilty)
7Kate Hepburn and why you shouldn't walk backwards (vistavision)



2. Paul Newman & Joanne Woodward...
3Lovely Audrey in a lovely garden (via lastnightsaffair)
5. Cool posters from Hitchcock films (sallyintheskywithdiamods)
6Julie Andrews and her baby :) (fab-ingrid)
7Gregory Peck looking gorgeous (yawnyatheapocalyps)
8Bette Davis waiting for her dressing room to open (runningthroughfog)


1Spencer Tracy's last scene (vistavision)
2Judy Garland remembers Little Judy Garland (escapedthoughts)
3A letter from Richard Burton to Elizabeth Taylor (burtonsinbloom)
4Glenn Ford tells an awkward story about Bette Davis (mrglennford)
5A poem from David O. Selznick to...Barbara Stanwyck (fuckyesoldhollywood)


1. Emma Wallace is now on Tumblr! Hear her first Rose Colored Radio Show to start the week in a happy mood :)
2Cary Grant & Ginny Simms sing You're the top (givenchy)

Hope you liked this week's selection :)


  1. Another great round-up, Clara. I love that Rock Hudson .gif of when he was on "I Love Lucy". Too funny!

    And yay, my Tumblr even got mentioned (though it wasn't for something I originally posted).

  2. Great compilation once more!

  3. I'm glad you liked this week menu, Audrey :) Oh, yes, "I love Lucy" gifs are always funny! You're right, I did post something you reblogged...the original post wasn't available, so I used "via" + your address instead :) I really like the things you share. Thanks for stopping by, girl!

  4. Thanks a million Sasha! I'm glad you're enjoying my site ;) Thanks for visiting.

  5. Yay! I got a mention! And thank you for all the other finds - I'm going to go and check them out!!



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