May 7, 2011

Haikus # 11-13: "Cool Hand Luke", "Mildred Pierce" & "His girl Friday"

I haven't post a haiku since Tuesday, so here you are:

"Luke was that great guy,
with honest smile and blue eyes,

 shot for being...Luke."

"I'll give my daughter
everything she wants: clothes, cash,
power...what? my man?

"I got the scoop and
 I'm re-marrying my boss:
Hildy equals fuss

This is an entry for the Best For Film Hollywood Haikus blogging competition. Enter now.


  1. ¡ Ay ! qué pelis y qué hombreeeeee Luke...Cool! :-)
    Me gustan tus haikus, sencillos y divertidos.

    Un besito :-D

  2. Ahh, 3 great movies! I love the one for Cool Hand Luke and I was excited to see one for His Girl Friday :D

  3. These are great! I especially like the way you phrased the Mildred Pierce one. Hilarious!

  4. THANK YOU girls!! I'm glad you're enjoying these English poems written by a girl whose first language is Spanish :)

  5. Yes, it really amazes me, Clara :) Many times, I forget that Spanish is your first language.



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