May 11, 2011

Discuss: Who should play Nora Charles?

Johnny Depp is going to play Nick, Rob Marshall (Pirates of the Caribbean) will direct the remake of The Thin Man...but who is going to play Nora? 

I know, the first obvious answer is..."no one!! stop this remake!! let's protest in the streets!!" etcetera, etcetera, etcetera, as Yul Brynner would say

But if you had to choose a modern actress to play this witty, charming, funny character, who would you choose? Remember that she must have a great on-screen chemistry with Johnny, which is one of the many powerful aspects of the original movie. 

My takes:

a) An unknown actress. This would be cool, a talented fresh new face.

b) Cate Blanchett. Why? Because I'm convinced that this woman can play anything. She can be really funny, she's one of the reasons why I love Bandits. And she's classy too. 
c) Kate Winslet. Same as above, super versatile, reliable actress.  

d) Marion Cotillard. I know! Kind of a risky choice. But I really, really, think that she could pull it off very well. She has that contagious je ne se quoi that makes you connect with her happy mood, just like Myrna Loy in her funny scenes. Plus she has worked with Johnny in Public Enemies.
e) .... tell me. I think that my nominees would make a real contribution to the saga and it wouldn't end like just another forgettable remake. 

Comment, leave some names, maybe we could make a poll with the most named actresses.

PS: If you, for some weird reason I can't figure out, haven't seen this movie, check Reasons You Should Watch The Thin Man (1934) from Lindsay's Movie Musings and convince yourself.


  1. Well, if they have to do this, and it looks like they think they do, then I'd like Canadian actress Gabrielle Miller (Lacey from "Corner Gas") to have a shot at the role.

  2. Claire Danes for she is trully a lady or maybe Eva Green for her coolness.
    O, And I would switch Jonny Depp for Robert Downey Jr.!


  3. hmm this is tricky. I could definitely see Marion Cotillard but I'd rather it be a French version because she speaks it so beautifully and given the emphasis (at least in the original) on banter the words would probably flow better in her native language.

  4. Si se va ha filmar la pelicula mejor Marion Cotillard..en Public Enemies habia muchisima quimica entre Johnny Depp y ella. Pero ¿ por qué un remake..? ¬¬

  5. I like that they're contemplating Rachel Weisz. If this *has* to be made, someone like her would be good. I think Blanchett is a good choice too.

  6. I hope that it's Cate Blanchett. : )

    [although I'm still one of those opposed to remakes, but I think she would be the best choice.]

  7. Caftan woman: yeah, it seems that they're really gonna make this film. I hadn't heard about Gabrielle before, do you recommend "Corner gas" to check her work? Thanks for sharing your opinion!

    Taci: Thanks for stopping by and sharing your picks. Uhm, I've seen Claire Daines in some comedies, but she didn't convince me, especially in "The Family Stone". I really liked what Eva did in "Casino Royale", but I don't know much about her comedy timing. Do you know any good comedy from her?? Thanks again for visiting!

    Meredith: Yes, you have a point there. But maybe she could successful work in her accent? I don't know, I think that she's a great option. I'd like a French version of The Thin Man too. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

    Abril: Hay remakes porque están faltando ideas frescas en Hollywood y porque es màs fácil tener éxito con una base ya probada. Qué bueno que compartes mi opinicón sobre Marion, ella es excelente actriz. Tengo que ver "Public Enemies", sí. Abrazos, Abril, mil gracias por visitarme!

    Marya: Thanks for following on Twitter!! Oh, you're right, I didn't think of Rachel. I think that she has great comedy timing too, she was super funny in "The Mummy" :) Thanks a million for sharing your pick!

    Anonymous: Yeah, she's a great option. I thought that no one would agree :) Thanks for stopping by :)

  8. Clara, it's me, Dorian -- why is your Web site identifying me as "Anonymous"? Anyway, I'm pleased to see from others' remarks that I'm not the only one who thinks that Robert Downey Jr. and Rachel Weisz would be great casting as Nick and Nora Charles -- that is, if they feel they MUST remake THE THIN MAN instead of just enjoying the classic 1934 film version! :-) If you're interested, my husband Vinnie and I blogged about THE THIN MAN and FITZWILLY back in December 2010, since both films happen to take place during Christmas week! :-) Here's the link:

  9. DorianTB: Seems that is a Blogger issue...The names and nicknames of my Google/Blogger account were changed this morning too, and several users have reported the issue:

    I cleared the cache of my browser and changed the names in my Blogger account and now it's working fine.

    Rachel is a great option! Robert D Jr. too! If the director and producers really get into this, they could make a great movie IMO :)

    Thanks for stopping by!

  10. As long as Asta is not recast as a pit bull (to give him "attitude")...



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