Mar 31, 2011

ClassicMovieRIMF #3: Only the lonely (1991)

Yesterday I saw this film because Maureen O'Hara mentioned that she found it had a great script and she loved working with John Candy, Anthony Quinn and director Chris Columbus (yes, the one from Home Alone and Harry Potter).

It was a minor comedy, with some flaws, but I enjoyed it and laugh out loud many times. Maureen plays the crazy and overprotective old (Irish) mother of a cop who wants to marry an introverted Sicilian girl (I really don't know anything about these kind of enmities between races, but it seems that Irish and Italians dislike each other). Maureen's role is a bit like the one Jane Fonda played more recently in (the mediocre) Monster-in-Lawa mother that's so possessive and so mean that is funny.

You know that to me is still very difficult to see Classic Actors in "recent" movies (Only the lonely is 20 years old already). Because the actor or actress is still there, but different, older. And then, in some second, they blink in a certain way, or smile, or whatever, and make you remember their younger self, and it's kind of sad. 

Well, too much blah blah, the Classic Movie Reference in this film is....The Call of the Wild (1935), starring Clark Gable and Loretta Young (I guess you know that they had a daughter but kept it secret). 

Watch the whole scene, it's cute. Oh, the Sicilian girl worked in a funerary:

Is it me or Clark Gable steals the scene even as a still frame?? 

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  1. What a cute clip (though a little odd, lol). Yup, Clark totally steals it. :)

  2. Thanks for watching, Audrey :)



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