Feb 19, 2011

"Iconoclasts": Robert Redford & Paul Newman

"Hi, Joanne? It's Bob...Redford" :)

Please take a minute and watch. The other day I saw for the first time a TV commercial advertising this Sundance Channel show and of course the clip featuring Paul and Robert caught my attention. Luckily, I found the episode in Youtube. It's really amazing: Robert Redford visits Paul Newman and they talk about each other, their friendship, the beginnings of their careers, their projects, director George Roy Hill, aging, etc. You can see Paul's house, a theater that Joanne Woodward repaired, special footage (like Newman's Own "commercial" and Paul driving his cars) and lots of interesting photos. Enjoy:

Oh, I started reading the Jean Arthur biography, which won the poll the other day. I'm loving it!


  1. Thanks for sharing this, Clara! I loved watching it!

  2. Isn't it great? Yesterday I saw another chapter on TV, featuring Renée Zellweger & CNN's Christiane Amanpour discussing the role of media and journalism, that was interesting too! Oh, and I noticed that the producer of the show is Bob Redford!

  3. Newman, Redford my heroes ! :-)



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