Aug 8, 2010

Why you should change Internet Explorer

Because it sucks.
I haven't used it in years and just this week noticed that some of my posts look awful in IE. Look:



Internet Explorer: the videos crush. 
See what I mean? Another example:

Even when the picture is X-Large Opera shows it ok.
Same in Firefox.
But oh no, Gary looks really blurry in Internet Explorer, even when I changed its settings.
I used to think that VLC was the best video player ever. But then I found KmPlayer
I used to think that Internet Explorer was a good browser. But then I found Firefox.
I used to think that Firefox was the greatest browser ever. But then I found Opera.
I used to think that the Winamp was the best audio player in the history of audio players. And I haven't change my mind. 

Well, I lost my point. The thing is that Internet Explorer sucks.You should change it. The other browsers look and work much better. 


  1. I couldn't agree more! IE is absolutely rubbish!

  2. I haven't used Internet Explorer in years and I didn't realize the blog actually looks different, but I went over a took a look at mine. It really does make a difference.



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