May 20, 2010

What a good day!

Me today: happy as Shirley Temple

Yesterday I started a whiny post complaining about the lack of good journalism internship offers and the fact that I missed a workshop on Classic directors that was given in a movie theater. I decided to go to play tennis and forgot to publish it.
And today was a great day.
It started with me going to the capital (Santiago) to check the "sacred folder of internships for journalism students" at university. I found a new one! And it's very good, so I already sent my CV to the guy in charge. If they accept me, I'm gonna be on time to enter to the next film appreciation workshop, "Movie Genres". Yay.
Then I had to buy a brand new video game to my youngest brother, "Read Dead Redemption". It was sold out everywhere. I was visiting store after store, and I passed next to a used book store (as I told you, I'm crazy about them). So I took a break and entered. Went to the Biography section, and found books about Katharine Hepburn and... Zelda Fitzgerald! I think her life with Francis was so interesting and dramatic, but until today I just had found one book about them (the lovely Dear Scott, Dearest Zelda). The one I bought today — Zelda by Nancy Mildorf— was veeery cheap, in English and with hard cover. And I found the play Picnic (yeah, the one that inspired the movie) like for half a dollar.
I kept looking for the game and I saw it in a showcase. It was the last available!
Arrived home to lunch, checked my Reading List on Blogger, and saw a post called "And the winner is..." from Another Old Movie Blog. And guess what? I won the new restoration of Doctor Zhivago on DVD!! And that's very weird because I almost never win contests.
AND tomorrow is a national holiday :)
So, I'm gonna make another post for my Happy Old Songs series just to celebrate.


  1. I guess sometimes you have to have a bad day to truly appreciate the good days! Congratulations on everything :-)

  2. Yeah, that's true KC. Thank you.



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