Aug 17, 2013

An idea for the movie industry (send me a check)

Here's the thing: I only buy a "physical" copy of a movie when I like it sooo much that I want the pretty cover of the DVD/Blu Ray/whatever format they invent/ decorating my room. I think the reasons for not buying or renting films are:

1. Once you bought it, you can't do much more with it, besides admiring the cover.
2. I can watch them online, which is easier to do. 
3. I can watch them online, which is cheaper to do.
4. I have a small room.
5. I can watch them online.

The big idea...
The movie industry (or any industry that wants to expand their product range) should sell merchandising as a primary product.

Imagine entering to a store where you can find all the pretty stuff of that movie you love. Next is a format (one of many they could make) I would love to buy, a usable movie folder with lots of goodies inside:

What other items would you like to be included in the package?

The advantages 

The pros of these products are:

1. The items have many uses, so you could buy more than one. It could be great for people who receive the same DVD on every birthday.

2. They respond to a need of the audience that a physical copy of a movie doesn't fully cover: the need of "feel closer" to the film they love by getting an item that represents it.

3. They expand the range of the audience because it's not attached to a particular technology. You could give a "Casablanca" package to your grandparents, instead of a DVD they don't know how to use.

4. And because of the same reason, they are less likely to become out-dated (sorry DVDs).

5. They could be made using eco-friendly materials.

6. They could have a reasonable price (?).

So, what do you think, yay or nay?

The poll is now closed. Interested in the results?


  1. Yeah... it could work. Specially for those of us kind of far from "the source". But I can't help thinking about the storage and the huge ammount of HDDs that would keep available all those movies... I don't know about you, but finding online my favorite old movies and series it's been difficult lately...
    (Or maybe I should watch what everybody is watching and stop wishing for reruns of Firefly...)
    Anyway, I hope it happens some day. I' know exactely what memorabilia and goodies I'd order first... the next thing would be getting a bigger room ^_^

  2. Great to hear from you, Clara! I'm always a bit of a pack-rat when it comes to my favorite movies, so I love your idea!

  3. I really like this idea... I can see myself spending waaay too much money on something like this.

  4. That is such a cool idea! I would definitely be interested in something like that. : )

    - E

  5. Hi, Clara!
    I like your idea and I'm curious to see how the survey ends.

    I hope you're doing well.



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