Mar 29, 2012

Caption it #4: Cary Grant

So, guys, tell me, what is people saying in this picture? or what are they thinking? You know, caption it :)

Cary Grant being sprayed
Cary Grant

You can check the previous pictures of this game, if you want :)


  1. Cary Grant in his unknown ocean spaghetti Western COUNT TO THREE, THEN SPRAY! :-)

  2. Cary Grant in his unknown spaghetti Western COUNT TO THREE, THEN SPRAY! :-)

  3. "No, no, no, it's fine. It's just a little DDT."

  4. This Anti-Chicks Spray Again! At list I will have some peace for an hour or two!


  5. He has a face like if he were thinking: Oh yeah!
    He looks happy.
    I've been reading your old post, and I love the one in which you talk with your grandparents!
    My grandma didn't like movies, she gests sleep.
    And I like Stewart Granger!! jeje, have you seen the movie "all the brothers were valiant" with Robert Taylor too? I loved it!

  6. @DorianTB: LOL, I would watch that ocean spaghetti western, thanks for participating girl!

    @Dave: But Cary's sexiness beats DDT :) Thanks for your caption!

    @Taci: ROTFL, awesome caption, thanks for stopping by :)

    @Pilar: Thanks, I'm glad you liked that post, I loved talking with my grandparents about movies that time :) Yeah, I know, my mom likes Stewart but I really don't like him, I don't know, not my type plus read some comments he did about Grace Kelly that seemed a bit vulgar...But I do like Robert Taylor, so I'll try to watch "All the Brothers Were Valiant" Thanks for the recommendation, and thanks for stopping by! Saludetes :)

  7. Not bad...but it needs more vermouth



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