Dec 17, 2011

3 Classic Hollywood-related films on this year's Black List

I didn't know this, but every year on December there's a list of Hollywood's most liked unproduced screenplays being published. According to the Black List's official site, a bunch of executives from the industry vote for their favorites and even movies like Juno and Lars and the Real girl were finally produced and released thanks to the list.

Well, I skimmed the pdf file, and three scripts caught my attention:

Home by Christmas - Bob Hope in Korea by Ben Schwartz 

"Young Larry Gelbart goes on tour with his idol Bob Hope in the middle of the Korean War and learns the true price of patriotism."

Grace of Monaco by Arash Amel 

"Grace Kelly, age 33 and having given up her acting career to focus on being a full time princess, uses her political maneuvering behind the scenes to save Monaco while French Leader Charles de Gaulle and Monaco’s Prince Rainier III are at odds over the principality’s standing as a tax haven."

Saving Mr. Banks by Kelly Marcel 

"The story of how Walt Disney got the rights for Mary Poppins."

I'd love the idea of the second one, it would be very interesting to see that political side of Grace Kelly; it would be an awesome movie to watch, especially if they make a good job with the settings. I also liked the third story, I know that the author, P.L. Travers didn't want to sell the rights to Disney because she didn't think it would do justice to her books and he persisted like for 20 years. My problem with the first movie is the line "the true price of patriotism", I don't know how to interpret that.

What do you think? Did you like the plots? Who do you think should play the main parts of these films?

PS- Thanks to all the people who commented or liked my Gift Guide post for classic film fans with a lot of imagination :)


  1. Too bad these didn't get produced! I would have especially loved to see the Mary Poppins and Grace Kelly ones. On the bright side, though, there are 3 very good movies up for Golden Globes this year--"Hugo," "The Artist," and "My Week with Marilyn." Glad for those!

  2. These sound really interesting. I'd be most interested in the one about Grace. I think it would lend itself well to the screen, from what I read.

  3. The Grace Kelly movie is being made in 2012. It was bought after a bidding war in October and every Hollywood blonde is after the role.



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