Aug 31, 2011

Sometimes I feel like Jacqueline Bisset... Two For the Road.

Yeah, not because I got chickenpox and can't run away with Albert Finney, allowing Audrey Hepburn to make her move and finally marry the guy.....

....but because I just got a very mediocre grade in a work for which I spent days researching and designing. 


That's all, mean universe.

PS: Stay tuned, this Friday we have another very special guest picking her favorite movie items in If I had to keep 4. Very cool items indeed :)

PPS: I'm really sorry for the randomness of this post.

PPPS: Did you know that Jacqueline Bisset was partially dubbed in Two for the road?


  1. Aw, so sorry about your grade disappointment. I imagine your professor just didn't understand your genius.

  2. Clara, so sorry to hear about your bad grade; I've been there, and I sympathize! Next time you'll do great, I'm sure! I'm surprised to hear that Jacqueline Bisset was even partly dubbed, but I guess these things happen sometimes. I'd certainly never want to dub Bisset's lovely, smoky real-life voice! Looking forward to your Friday post!

  3. LOL...well I don't know about that genius you mentioned, but I hate when I put a lot of effort and things doesn't come out like I wish...anyway, it's forgotten :) Thanks for your moral support, Audrey, it's very much appreciated :)

  4. Thanks Dorian for your moral support :) Yeah, seems that Jacqueline had to film another movie, so she couldn't dub her own voice (I didn't know that movies needed to do that...). Hope you enjoy this week's "If I Had to Keep 4" :)



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