Jul 15, 2011

Ava Gardner in Mogambo is HILARIOUS!

With director John Ford.
Of course I had seen Mogambo before, but I didn't like it very much the first time. The other day I re-watched it on TCM, and although some of the ridiculous things were still there (like Clark Gable in shorts and Grace Kelly's character being such a bore) I just couldn't stop laughing at Ava's hilarious and sharp remarks. She completely saves the movie for me.

These are some great lines by Eloise Y. 'Honey Bear' Kelly:

[Vic hoists a young rhinoceros out of a trap]
Hey, a kangaroo!
Let me jump to my own conclusions.

The only lions I ever want to see again are the two in front of the public library.

Can't you get me a canoe, or a truck, or roller skates to get out of here?
 [To Victor Marswell/Clark Gable]
Mr. Marswell, you look a lot better. I bet you even smell better.
[Saying goodbye the baby elephant]
Now, you be a good little boy. Wash behind your ears every day and eat all your nice raw potatoes so you'll grow up to be a big, fat elephant...and then step on your Uncle Victor's corns every day.
These animal-catching characters don't have many nerves...just one great big one.
[After hearing a conversation between Clark Gable & Grace Kelly]
Brother, I can take your Cook's tour around the zoo but when we get on this mental
striptease and hide behind Louisa May Alcott I want a powder!
[To Clark Gable]
As a matter of fact, your head would look pretty decorative over his mantelpiece. With your big ears stuck out like an elephant about to charge.

I uploaded for you two of my favorite scenes from her.

In the first one Ava is funnily pissed off and then she feeds a baby elephant and a baby rhino, in a very natural acted way.

Now a subtle confrontation with Grace Kelly, while the guys try to show them the African fauna. Ava's lines are just too funny!

Hope you enjoyed!


  1. That movie is now on my to-watch list! It looks gorgeous and Ava sounds hilarious!

  2. Clara, I had never had any particular interest in jungle movies until I read your blog post about MOGAMBO today. Those lines and scenes from the movies were a hoot! I'll keep an eye out for it on TCM or the like. Thanks for sharing the funny! :-)

  3. Clara you really hit the nail on the head! Ava was the main attraction of this movie -- Clark is really too old, and Grace Kelly, although gorgeous, just isn't a really good actress in my humble opinion. I always thought Clark was insane to go after this wooden blonde, when he had a fabulous feisty gorgeous brunette like Ava! Her character was so unabashedly female and so smart! Loved your article!

  4. Yeah, the problem is that the rest of the story is not very convincing...But anyway, it's a classic, you should give it a try. And Ava IS hilarious :) Thanks for the feedback Emma!!

  5. Hey Dorian, uhm, yeah, this aspect, funny Ava, is the best of the movie IMO. The rest of the story is not very cool, although you should watch it if TCM shows it. Thanks for visiting, girl!

  6. Thanks Becky! Yeah, I agree with you, although I do like Grace Kelly's acting in other movies, like "The Country Girl" & "Rear Window". But yes, the story doesn't make sense to me either :) Thanks for stopping by my site, Becky :)

  7. Thank you for sharing these video clips! It sounds like this is worth watching for Ava. :)

    As a side note, does anyone else find Grace Kelly's voice almost hilariously jarring/annoying? It sounds like she's trying to talk soo prim and proper (especially when she says 'schedule') and it just clashes with the jungle landscape. Perhaps that was part of her character?

  8. Those are some delightful quotes! My only issue with MOGAMBO is that the RED DUST (the original) is so much better.



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