Jun 24, 2011

Photo Results: When I say HORSE, you say...

See what was the first movie-related thought my readers had when I said HORSE:

"National Velvet with Elizabeth Taylor and Mickey Rooney"
"Trigger, the smartest horse in the movies."
"The Searchers. I also thought about The Horse Soldiers. When I was a child there was a TV show that I loved about a horse. I think it was called Fury." (Translated from Spanish) 
"Horse Feathers! The great Groucho Marx. : )"
"Audrey Hepburn in War & peace in her white-and-red dress and a big hat. She's drawing a horse in some field and her "brother" comes to say something. (My favorite scene in that movie, but all i remember is Audrey drawing a horse :) )"
"'Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse' with Rudolph Valentino"

(Translated from Spanish) "Devotion, there's a scene in which Ida Lupino (Emily Brönte) dreams about a rider that takes her away, I think that at then end she dies and you can see the rider taking her away..." Source

The first HORSE that comes to my mind is always Gui-Pago, Audrey's Arabian stallion in The Unforgiven. Sadly:
"Production was suspended for several months in 1959 after Ms. Hepburn broke her back when she fell off a horse while rehearsing a scene. Although she eventually recovered, the accident was blamed for a subsequent miscarriage Hepburn suffered. According to several published biographies of Hepburn, she blamed herself for the accident and subsequently all but disowned the film, although she did complete it when she was well enough to return to work." (Wikipedia).

Thanks for participating, guys! Great thoughts everyone :)


  1. These are so fun! I have to say that "Trigger" might have been my favorite. That was a good idea to actually think of one of the most famous horses in movies.

  2. Clara, I love your "When You Say..." games! Thanks for using my BLAZING SADDLES bit!

  3. How fun! I am sorry I missed this one. Such great thoughts!

  4. Thank you Audrey, I'm glad you're enjoying the series. I really have to check some of these horses in action, I haven't seen Trigger on anything :)

  5. Hey Dorian, thanks, so cool you guys are enjoying this series :) And of course I had to use your Blazing Saddles bit, I had never heard about that movie before, but the song was cool :) Thank you for the feedback!

  6. Well, stay tuned for the next edition of "When I say...". I'm trying to think in an interesting new word. Yeah, I liked the thoughts in this one because they weren't too obvious. Nice how our mental maps are configured, uh? Thanks for the feedback, Emma!



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