Jun 6, 2011

The 20 coolest on-screen couples from classic movies

'Cool' definition from Wordreference: fashionably attractive or impressive.

Here's my list of 20 couples that looked terrific together on screen, that complemented each other and had fun together all the movie (or until the script spoiled it all for them) or overcame difficult situations to be together and hopefully lived happily ever after.

In no particular order: 

Harry Morgan & 'Slim' Browning from To have and have not

Gilbert & Iris Henderson from The lady vanishes

Paul & Corie Bratter from Barefoot in the Park

Nicky Ferrante & Terry McKay from An Affair to Remember

Nick & Nora Charles from The Thin Man

Robin & Marian from The Adventures of Robin Hood

Sean Thorton & Mary Kate Danaher from The Quiet Man

Ben Quick & Clara Varner from The Long, Hot Summer

Capt. Daniel Craig & Lucy Muir from The Ghost and Mrs. Muir

Juan Herrera & Vance Jeffords from The Furies

C.C. Baxter & Fran Kubelik from The apartment

Joe Bradley & Princess Ann from Roman Holiday

Noah Praetorious and Deborah Higgins from People Will Talk

Leon and Ninotchka from Ninotchka

Longfellow Deeds & Babe Bennett from Mr. Deeds Goes to Town

Jane & Tarzan from the Tarzan movies with Johnny & Maureen.

Peter Joshua (or whatever his name is) and Reggie Lampert from Charade

Brian Hawke & 'Spitfire' Stevens from Against All Flags

Armand Duvall & Marguerite Gautier from Camille

Johny Case & Linda Seton from Holiday

What do you think?


  1. Harry Morgan and "Slim" are my favourite couple from your list Clara.
    I watched To Have And Have Not again at weekend and I never get tired of watching the chemistry between Bogart and Bacall!!
    Very nice list and I can't blame you for indulging yourself with that Paul Newman video:)

  2. Yay for Gilbert and Iris, one of the few happy, not messed-up Hitchcock couples. And quite funny ("Confidentially, you're a bit of a stinker, yourself").

  3. Yes, Bogie & Bacall are just great together! And "To have and have not" is my favorite movie from them and I think that it's better than "Casablanca". Thank you, I'm glad you liked this list. And, yes, Mr. Newman is irresistible.

    THANKS for visiting, Paul!

  4. Yes, you're right, most of Hitch couples can't be labeled as cool because they have too many issues :) Gilbert & Iris are great and they are funny even when the circumstances are very mysterious...well, I actually feel very unease with the whole thing about the fake nun and the poor lady with the bandages...But Michael Redgrave's presence is very reassuring, he seems to take everything with ease...Thanks for visiting :)

  5. Such great couples! I love Mary Kate and Sean! So romantic.

  6. Yeah, Mary Kate & Sean are great!! Although the process of creating the couple was a bit bittersweet for Maureen O'Hara, dealing with John Ford's craziness and everything. Thanks for visiting Emma :)

  7. I love all the photos simply amazing ;)

  8. 1º Mary Kate y Sean, Ben Quick-Clara Vaner, C.C. Baxter-Fran Kubelik,Joe Bradley-Princess Ann...y luego todos los demás. ¡Me encanta éste post y las parejas que nos presentas ! :-D

    Saludos cariñosos.

  9. Clara, you have so many wonderful screen couples here, and such beautiful photos (and nice movie clip of shirtless young Paul Newman, too)! They're all terrific, but I was especially tickled to see THE THIN MAN, TO HAVE AND HAVE NOT, CHARADE, THE QUIET MAN, THE LADY VANISHES, BAREFOOT IN THE PARK (even if Jane Fonda's character was a little naive about marriage at times--but she learned fast!) and yummy young Maureen O'Sullivan with Johnny Weissmuller! Great post!

  10. Thanks Lesya!! Nice to 'see' you around :)

  11. Gracias, Abril, qué bueno verte por estos lares :) Buenas mini-opciones! Mary Kate & Sean son muy queridos por la gente :) Saludos para ti también, ya pasaré a visitarte (oh, recuerda que al comentar puedes poner el link a tu sitio).

  12. Nice list! I seriously don't think it gets better than NICK & NORA CHARLES, in my opinion ;) They are just the best of the best!!!!

  13. Yeah, they're awesome: witty, funny & always seem to be enjoying life :) Thanks for visiting, Desiree!!

  14. Such a wonderful post! When I was little I'd watch the Adventures of Robin Hood on repeat and swoon over every slightly romantic scene. Good memories.

  15. :) Nice you enjoyed this post and yes, "Adventures of Robin Hood" is really romantic, and I love to hear Olivia de Havilland talking about Errol Flynn :) Thanks for visiting and commenting, Sasha!

  16. Great pictures to go with your wonderful picks! Love the post :)

  17. THANK you Dorian, I'm glad you enjoyed it. LOL @ your comment about Jane Fonda's character, well, she was a bit naive about everything. On a side note, the song from from that movie is so sticky , you know "Shama Shama":


    Well, thanks again and I'm glad you're enjoying my site :)

  18. Fred and Peggy. 'The Best Years Of Our Lives'



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