May 26, 2011

Photo Results: When I say, you say #3

We have the [photo] results for the third edition of When I say, you say, where I pick a word and you write your first movie related thought. Thanks everyone who participated, great thoughts and great movies! I have to watch some of these films soon!

You can check the complete answers in the original post. I added the picture credits as a "source" link.

When I say SWIMMING POOL, you say:

"Buster Keaton's date-gone-wrong in The Cameraman" | Source
"Weirdly enough, Gene Kelly in American in Paris when he's doing that dance with the kids" | Source.
"Leave Her to Heaven. Gene Tierney in a bathing cap, swimming a race and enticing Cornel Wilde"

Esther Williams
"Esther Williams" Source

"HIGH SOCIETY! Grace Kelly, in her adorable white bathing suit that's sexy, pretty, & modest all at once..." | Source
(x3) "William Holden lying face down in Norma Desmond's swimming pool in 'Sunset Blvd.'"; "Sunset Blvd -- Joe finally got his pool." & "Sunset Blvd."
"Si tú dices swimming pool, yo digo El nadador".| Source
"For no good reason, Rohmer's 'Pauline At The Beach" |  Source
"Elvis falling off the diving board and into the pool in Viva Las Vegas" | Source.
"Mr. Peabdy y la sirena. William Powell y Ann Blyth."| Source

Wanna participate? Well stay tuned, the next edition is coming soon! In the meantime, why don't you check the text answers for the words GUITAR and IRELAND?

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  1. Great idea for the post/feature!
    I enjoyed the photos.

  2. Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed & thanks for stopping by/following :)

  3. Aww, thanks man! Thanks for visiting!



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