May 1, 2011

A hundred followers and a girl (VM51 is now on Facebook)

THANK YOU guys, you rock!! I didn't want to make a big fuss before, because I could lose a follower and then the whole thing would be over :) Well, I just wanted to thank all of you, everyone who decided that this blog, written by a girl who watches the movies with Spanish subtitles, was worth following :) And it's cool, because this month is the first anniversary of my blog, since I wrote my first post in English on April 2010. I really, really appreciate it.

To commemorate this, I've decided to create a Facebook page, hope you like it. My Blogger posts will be there as notes, my Youtube clips and tributes and I'll also use it to share quick Classic Movie links that don't make a Blogger post for themselves. Ideas are welcome.

So, to sum up, THANK YOU and visit Via Margutta 51 Facebook Page (or you can use my brand new Like button on the sidebar)

PS: Oh, if you have a FB Fan Page for your site, leave a comment with your url so I can 'like' it :)


  1. Good luck, Clara, and well done! As an administrator of a Facebook page, i can tell you it's a bit of work, but you will meet many wonderful people who will have a chance to read your wonderful blog.

  2. I 'liked' you. Oh, and I love that picture of Errol. *swoon* :D

  3. Hey Clara! Congrats! I love the Deanna Durbin reference in your post title :)

    Count it as 101 :) Since I'm on Wordpress I can't "follow" Blogspot blogs (or I haven't figured out how to) but I am a regular reader!

    I liked your page. "Comet Over Hollywood" page is here:!/pages/Comet-Over-Hollywood-Blog/105843689466479

  4. Congrats--I'm sure you will attract many more followers! I can't believe your blog has only been around a year. I'm looking forward to more great posts Clara!

  5. Cool! I just "liked" it :D And I love your blog... it's always fun to read! Keep up the good work.



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