May 20, 2011

The Fountainhead (1949) in my own words: PART II

(I just realized that I completely altered the order of the events in the previous post...LOL!! I told you I'm like Dori from Finding Nemo).
Previously on The Fountainhead.... 
Coop wants to build his own designs...Patricia Neal doesn't want to feel attached to pretay things...Coop is broke and meets Patricia who doesn't know who he really is...Patricia is attracted to Coop, but whips him in the pretay face anyway... 
What will happen between these two? Find out next:

Coop is tired of Patricia's shenanigans, so he decides to visit her that night.

CENSORED by the Hays Code.

*Later that night*
Coop goes back to his little room and finds a little letter asking him to build a huge building. He leaves, without saying goodbye.

Patricia, following her daily schedule, rides her horse to stalk Coop...just to find out that he's gone. And she doesn't want to ask his name to the other workers, otherwise the movie would be 20 minutes shorter.

*Events that I told you last night but should go here*

Now Coop builds a super duper skyscraper. Now the newspaper starts a campaign against him. Now Patricia quits from the newspaper job. Now her boss says he loves her (and she delivers this great line: If I ever decide to punish myself for some terrible guilt...I'll marry you. LOL)

*Basically, yesterday's post should have been there*

Anyway, Patricia is at a very elegant party. There aren't prettay things to break (only her dress, but she doesn't want to go around naked).

Patricia is really bored.

But Coop, now without the hand drill but in a super elegant tuxedo, joins the party. A guy introduces him to Patricia.
She thinks: OH-MY-GOD. The sweaty worker = the terrific architect. I can't believe this!
 He says:  I read your column every day.

Then they get a talk about their future. She explains her issue with pretay things and says that she's completely in love with him and begs him to quit architecture (otherwise bad guys will destroy him) so they can live together in the country.

Coop says he won't. But he loves her. And because he has a crystal ball he says that they won't be together like until the end of the movie.

Patricia marries her ex boss.
Coop is broke because of the bad publicity.

*Even later*
The Dark-columnist-like-the-one-from-Ratatouille sees Coop on the streets and tells him that he's the one who convinced the newspaper owner to start a campaign against him. They have the next heated argument:

Dark Columnist: Wanna know why?
Coop: No.
*Later than even later*
Coop starts building small things in his modern way. Like a sand castle and a toy house. Just kidding. He builds a farm and prettay buildings like this one:


He works until he gets his reputation back. Now guess WHO WANTS TO HIRE HIM?

The newspaper owner. Patricia's husband. And he wants him to build their house. REALLY.

Coop says yes and they start a nice friendship. Well, replace "nice" for utterly UNHEALTHY. Coop visits the couple like everyday and poor Patricia is all unease.

The newspaper owner wants Coop to go with him on a cruise. Without Patricia. So she starts complaining and saying that Coop shouldn't go. AND THEN the husband says to her (not inventing here):
Husband: I believe you're jealous. Wonderful! I'm even more grateful to you if he's made you jealous of me.
*In a less weird place of the city*

A really bad architect wants to build a super duper project for the poor people. But he's really useless. Like if you say: "hey bad architect I want a round pool" he'd build a square gazebo. Nobody believes in him and they don't want to give him the project.

So he visits Coop. He says, "I have an offer you can't resist: would you design for me this terribly difficult project that no one has been capable to develop, then give me the permission to present it as my own, then keep all the glory AND the money...please??"

And Coop, obviously says...YES!

Then you scream to the screen: what? are you an idiot?

He will design it with only ONE condition. ONE. That they build it without changing a comma of his project. They close the deal.

*Some scenes later in the movie*
Obviously the incompetent architect couldn't keep his ONE...ONE promise. And if Coop designed "AB" they built "A....I456475hdsfhsdfsdf...B".

Coop is SOOOOO angry, that he makes a plan to destroy the building that finally would give the poor people a home. And when Patricia heard "destroy" she wanted to be in the plan too. Just kidding. Coop wanted her to be there as a proof of her love for him or something. Maybe just to help him to carry the dynamite.

*BIG explosion!!*

The bad architect confess that Coop designed the building. The whole society is mad at Coop for dynamiting the building. He only has two allies Patricia and her husband, the newspaper owner.

The newspaper defends Coop, but becomes so unpopular that nobody wants to buy it or work in it. Finally the owner can't take it anymore and talks against Coop.

Then comes the trial and Coop delivers the longest speech in film history until that time. There is a malicious gossip about this speech that says that they wanted to shorten it because it was too long and Coop didn't get it. They wanted to go from here to here: “Thousands of years ago, the first man discovered how to make fire. Now I destroyed the building. The end".

Well, basically Coop says that his work has dignity and he wants to build in his new way and that way the world has always progressed.

The jury doesn't understand so many concepts so they better find him not guilty.

*Then at the newspaper office*
The owner wants Coop to design a building that he wanted since he was a poor kid. Coop says yes. Later, the owner of the newspaper, who feels very guilty because he didn't have the courage to keep helping his friend when he needed, shoots himself. *Dies*

*Some months later*
Patricia is visiting the highest skyscraper in the world (I can tell because it has a plaque that says so). And you just want to know what happened with her and Coop. So a good Samaritan asks her who is she looking for, and she says she's looking for Coop the super architect and that she's his wife.


And because she looks all luminous we can tell she doesn't have any issues now.

And her prettay husband is shown on the top of the world posing like Superman.



  1. Oh God. Great write-up of one of cinema's daffiest films (which I've only seen bits and pieces of, but that was enough). I especially love the idea of people bitching about the architectural gossip pages. Kind of a waste of the Cooper/Neal chemistry.

  2. I am NOW going to go and read every single one of your reviews. You slay me.

  3. Rachel: Thank you! The thing is that I enjoyed the movie, LOL. I mean the story was crazy but entertaining and the chemistry between Coop and Patricia was, obviously, great.

    Emma: Oh, thank you VERY much girl! I lost two followers after publishing these crazy posts, but I'm glad you enjoyed them!! :)

  4. This is, by far, the very best synopsis of the Fountainhead, EVER! I am going to follow your blog to save myself time and anguish watching these strange movies...THANK YOU!!!!

  5. Thank you very much, Carioca!! I'm glad you enjoyed the post, sometimes when the plot is a bit crazy, I like to tell it my way, instead of writing a general review. The other movie I just +had+ to write my own way was "The Naked Jungle", super crazy but super entertaining too:

    Thanks for stopping by!!

  6. Wow, this movie sounds rather cra-zay! Loved the write-up, though. :)

  7. Thank you!! I'm glad you liked it! The movie is weird but engaging anyway :)



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