May 13, 2011

Blogger outage: What would Pollyanna say?

Dear readers,

Blogger suffered serious issues yesterday. It was down for almost a day and some users, like me,  had problems with their accounts information. My full name was published and some of my readers couldn't leave comments with their Google profile. Besides recent posts AND comments have been temporarily deleted. That means that now my post Movies seen in 2011 so far: the good, the bad and the so-so is not available to read, (edit: posts have been restored, but not your comments) as well your interesting feed back.

So, a nightmare like this would be a perfect challenge for Pollyanna. What positive things do you think she could pull off after this debacle?

a. We learned a lesson! Internet services can be very unstable so from now on we should make a back up copy of our precious texts.

b. It helped to realize how great Blogger has been till now, being a free service and all.

c. Even international and respected companies like Google can fail. That makes everything more human and down to earth.

d. Now you have a great story to tell to your grandchildren. "Well, kids, it was on May 2011, when Google The Company That Now In The Future Rules The World and Has Its Own Army...failed". Kids gasp.

e. You had a few hours in which you could not post and not feel guilty about it.

What do you think?


  1. Your full name was was published!? That's not cool! At least everything seems to be back to normal now though. lol that Pollyanna and her positive attitude.

  2. She'd say something like "My father always used to say that in a perfect world there'd be other ways of communicating with friends, like talking face to face, but at least this way we had more time for ice cream!"

    You know, just before they hauled her off to the looney bin.

    Oh, and they had my real name on my blogger profile for a while, too -- it's neither "mythical" nor "monkey" -- and I almost had a stroke. But at least that's fixed now.

  3. CLARA! We are back in business. Blogger is up, and our posts are restored. Your 2011 post has reappeared. My gangster post too. The comments are gone, but what a relief not to have to reconstruct the article!

  4. Oh, no! Computer problems are the worst. Especially ones that you have no control over. I'm glad everything is back and running, and I'm impressed by your Pollyanna attitude. I can't say that I would be as positive!

  5. Kalli: Yeah, the whole thing was totally uncool, but you gotta stay positive...still waiting for the comments to show up again...Thanks for stopping by!

    MM: LOL at the ice cream & at your name not being Mythical Monkey! Thanks for visiting!

    Becky: Yes, what a relief...I had found a way to get my text back anyway, copying from Google Reader feed...BUT I really want the comments back! Thanks for the feed back, girl!

    Audrey: Well, you gotta see the bright side, even when it's really pale...who am I kidding, I freaked out the whole day and ranted about my comments being deleted...but at least I tried to see the funny side of the thing...thanks for your comment, Audrey!



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