May 23, 2011

Attention Readers: new COMMENT SYSTEM on Via Margutta 51

 Update: My affair with Disqus is over.

Yesterday I finally made up my mind and installed a comment system called Disqus. I know some of you are familiar with the interface, which is very intuitive, but for those who are accustomed to the Blogger system, here's a brief explanation:

[Update: please notice that Blogger doesn't yet allow Disqus to work on their mobile templates, so if you're leaving a comment from a mobile you'll be using the usual Blogger form and it might take a little longer for your message to appear.]

With Disqus you can leave a comment in more ways:

a) Post as guest, adding your name or nickname, e-mail and, if you want, a link to your website. Maybe this is the most similar to the Blogger system, but is better because you can leave your direct site url.

b) Using your social network accounts. This is great, for example, if you have a Twitter account for your blog. 

c) Or creating a Disqus account to leave comments. This is very useful if you want to keep track of the comments you leave in other sites.

>> To leave a comment, simply start writing or click the comment area and the "Post as..." button will appear; then choose the comment method you prefer.

You can also "Like" or "Don't like" my post and subscribe to the rest of the replies by e-mail or RSS.

Please, if you have any doubts, just ask ;)


  1. That was very nice of you to explain it ;)

  2. You're welcome, Desiree! Thanks for the feedback. I hope you guys get used to this new system :)

  3. Yay! I love your little explanation via Doris. ;) One thing I really like about Disqus is that if someone replies (by clicking the reply button under the original comment) to a comment it notifies the commentor with an email. (I said 'comment' a lot of times in that sentence, but hopefully that made sense!)

    Well, I hope you like it. It's not perfect but it has worked well for my blogs so far. :)

  4. Well, it did make sense! Thanks for the recommendation, Audrey! I'm loving Disqus so far :)



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